Pelosi Talks to Airline CEOs, Says Aid Should Be Part of Package

Noble Horvath

(Bloomberg) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke with airline and aviation union officials on Friday and said she believes there is bipartisan support for aid to the industry but only as part of a broader stimulus.

Nancy Pelosi standing in front of a building

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Nancy Pelosi

That approach is at odds with the White House, which yesterday expressed support for a narrow bill to avert thousands of layoffs when a prohibition on job cuts in the industry expires at the end of the month.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows met with airline leaders Thursday and said afterward that the industry needs $25 billion. He said it should be passed in a separate measure next week.

Pelosi has opposed piecemeal virus relief bills as part of her strategy for Democrats to win agreement on a multitrillion-dollar relief measure.

She and Oregon Representative Peter DeFazio, chairman of the House Transportation Committee, spoke to airline executives

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Travel industry calls for COVID-19 rescue package during its ‘darkest time’

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A proposal to create “travel bubbles” with certain countries is among a suite of measures the industry is lobbying the Federal Government to roll out in a bid to save the ailing sector.

Travel agents across the NSW Mid North Coast met Cowper MP Pat Conaghan this week to discuss the need for customised support, including the creation of travel agreements with New Zealand and possibly Japan or Singapore.

“We really need to have some assistance and targeted assistance for our specific industry, like the building industry has, to keep us afloat,” Bellingen-based travel agent James Cracknell said.

“We have got no revenue coming in and probably not coming in for the next 12 to 18 months.”

The peak body for the sector, the Australian Federations of Travel Agents (AFTA) said international and state border closures had created more than $4 billion in losses.

Many of its 40,000 workers nationwide

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Is Airline Travel Picking Up?

Noble Horvath

It might seem like a lifetime ago since you last flew. Many frequent flyers are staying on the ground in 2020 and perhaps taking a road trip instead. Even so, more people are flying now than during the opening weeks of the pandemic. But are airline travel volumes continuing to increase?

Airline Travel Bottomed In April

Airlines were the least busy in April 2020 when the daily number of TSA checkpoint screenings reached their lowest levels. April 22, 2020, is the last day of fewer than 100,000 screenings (98,968 to be precise).

Since the mid-April low, the daily screening

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Mother Nature conspiring to keep travel more arduous than usual

Noble Horvath

Mother Nature is working overtime to get our attention. For travelers, the signals are harder-than-ever to ignore.

The battle with the COVID-19 global pandemic started at the beginning of the year, bringing air and cruise travel to a standstill. While the coronavirus still rages (nearly 200,000 have died in the U.S. alone), some travelers set their sights on trips within the U.S., since most international destinations still are closed to U.S. travelers.

The fares are low and the airlines are working overtime to inspire confidence with travelers with extra cleaning, universal mask-wearing and empty middle seats.

California is a favorite holiday spot with Alaskans. But southern California started heating up, with September temperatures of 110-120 F. Then came the wildfires throughout the state, many of which were sparked by lightening.

Soon, fires started in Washington and Oregon as well. Much of the West Coast still is on fire. The air

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Del Webb has a $130 casino/hotel package to come see four new model homes

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Going a little nuts after six months of social distancing? Resort Developer Del Webb has an idea for a socially distanced getaway that could not only improve your outlook this fall, but give you a whole new way of looking at life after the Coronavirus retreats.

For $130, Del Webb will put you up for two nights at Eureka Casino Resort in Mesquite, Nevada—a golf/sports haven that’s wrapped

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Free Tour de France live stream of the final weekend: watch the cycling online from anywhere

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We’re into the final weekend and indeed the last two stages, so it’s time to find out how to watch a Tour de France live stream online today. Today’s the day you really want to tune in, as the final stage tomorrow is largely seen as a processional affair.

Primož Roglič is still clinging on to the yellow jersey with a 57 second lead with Pogacar and Lopez being the closest challengers going into the final two stages. The Tour de France is seemingly set to make it through to completion despite a rising number of Cronoavirus cases in France which have threatened to bring the race to an early finish throughout.

Tour de France at a glance

The 2020 Tour de France started August 29 and will finish nearly a month later, on September 20. Cycling fans based in the UK can tune in to all stages for free

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‘Normadic’ Travel Will Be Huge In 2021

Noble Horvath

The pandemic has changed many notions of travel and turned luxurious dreams of small islands and far-flung exotic trips on their head. So far, there are three emerging trends in 2020, which will continue into 2021.

Normadic travel

What used to be considered inconsequential trips—to the supermarket, to the office or to school—have taken on mammoth significance in the pandemic. And it’s created a trend for what Suitcase Magazine describes as “normadic travel”, a yearning for what used to be considered standard, uninspiring and dull and what nobody used to want to Instagram; cheap rosé wine, sticky carpets and recirculated air.

In that vein, two websites offer a taste of normadic travel; WindowSwap and TakeMeElsewhere, where you can gaze out of the window from homes all around the world, from apartment blocks in St Petersburg to houses in Swiss valleys.

Pet Power


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Iceland surpasses Britain’s quarantine threshold as case rate doubles overnight

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Iceland’s rising infection rate now exceeds the UK’s quarantine threshold figure, with a seven-day case rate of 40.3 per 100,000 population. The number has more than doubled overnight, from 19.3.

The country now far surpasses the UK’s threshold of 20 cases per 100,000 – beyond which, quarantine restrictions are usually triggered.

Meanwhile, infection numbers in other ‘travel corridor’ destinations continue to climb. Greece, whose mainland is currently on the ‘safe list’ for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, has reported 18.1 cases per 100,000 population over the last seven days.

According to data gathered by the PC Agency, Italy and Sweden – which also have travel corridor status – recorded rates of 17 and 16.4 respectively last week. Cases in Denmark, which remains on the safe list despite breaking the threshold a fortnight ago, have reached 45.3.  

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is expected to update the UK’s travel corridor list

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WanderOn launches ‘workcation’ travel packages for millennial workforce

Noble Horvath

New Delhi, Sep 20 (PTI) Start-up firm WanderOn on Sunday said it has launched travel packages for millennial workforce who are looking to visit places during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and carry out their work.

With massive relaxations in lockdown norms, the millennial workforce is now looking for travel solutions that are safe and rewarding at the same time, the company said in a statement.

‘Catering to this demand, WanderOn has launched workcation packages at a nominal starting price of Rs 650. The packages have been designed keeping in mind work plus travel convenience for consumers, addressing safety concerns over travel,’ it said.

The packages consist of sanitized stay, meals and free wifi with fast internet access, including dongles for internet backup.

WanderOn founder Govind Gaur said, ‘These are unprecedented times which the world is facing right now. With the restrictions easing down, we came up with this new venture

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Local residents offered a chance to travel | News

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With the pandemic has come restrictions on travel, forcing those who like to visit new places and see the sites to delay plans and put away their passports. However, Owatonna Parks and Recreations will soon be handing out passports of its own and encouraging residents to safely travel to local parks.

The Owatonna Parks and Recreation’s passport program runs from Sept. 23 until Oct. 21. The free initiative encourages residents to get out, explore the local parks and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Individuals as well as household teams may print out the passport off of the Parks and Recreation website. Passports can also be picked up at the Parks and Recreation Office at 540 West Hills Circle between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Passports will include 10 park locations where travelers will have to locate reflective yellow and white posted signs. On the back of each sign

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