MUNCIE, Ind. — Standing in front of the Delaware County Justice Center in late August, two groups, Freedom First International and the Muncie Housing Crisis Coalition, began their anti-eviction campaign.

Those speaking called for a complete halt to evictions, locally and nationwide, as the pandemic continues. 

Founded in 2009, Freedom First International is an organization working in cities across the country, focusing on research and advocacy on human rights-related issues.

During the press conference, Bishop Gregg L. Greer, founder and president of Freedom First International, said Muncie was the start of a campaign.

“We are here, because as of right now, in the buildings behind us and surrounding the courthouse, folks are getting evicted,” said Greer, who currently lives in Indianapolis. “As of right now, people are losing their homes.”

After saying local and federal governments were not doing enough to stop the eviction crisis, Greer called for local