5 Things to know about the Nov. 3 election


Ojai mayor and city council candidates answered questions about short-term rentals, housing, traffic and climate change at two online forums hosted by the Ventura County League of Women Voters on Tuesday. 

Several questions submitted by residents focused on the city’s short-term rental ban, which supporters say helps keep more housing available for residents. 

“From a basic economics point of view, demand and supply, if you divert residential housing into short-term housing you are reducing the housing supply, which exacerbates our affordable housing problem,” said current city councilmember and mayoral candidate William Weirick. 

Weirick and Betsy Stix, a teacher, are running for mayor of Ojai. The city is also holding its first district-based election in District 4. Current city councilmember Suza Francina and real estate broker Jeri Becker are running for that seat. 

Ojai election 2020:

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