Some states just lend themselves to amazing road trips, and Indiana is one of them. The Hoosier State has so many fantastic places to see and explore, from natural wonders to foodie destinations to charming small towns. If you are looking for the best Indiana road trip ideas, this is the place. We have put together 11 unforgettable road adventures to inspire you. The only question now is, which one will you go on first?

1-Day Road Trip In Indiana

3-Day Weekend Road Trip In Indiana

Northern Indiana Waterfall Road Trip

Southern Indiana Waterfall Road Trip

Best Indiana Road Trip For Spring

Best Summer Road Trip In Indiana

Best Indiana Road Trip For Fall

Best Winter Road Trip In Indiana

Family-Friendly Indiana Road Trip

Road Trip to Indiana Landmarks & Natural Wonders

Road Trip to Best Small Towns in Indiana

Alright, road trippers, it’s time to let the journey begin! Which Indiana road trip itinerary are you planning to take first? Once you know which Indiana road trip map you want to follow, check out OnlyInYourState’s Ultimate Road Trip Packing List for our best road trip planning and packing tips. Whether you’re leaving for a single day or a week-long road trip, you can’t forget the snacks: here are 50 on-the-go snack ideas perfect for traveling.

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Road Trips In Indiana

April 14, 2023

Natasha Kayes

What are the most popular landmarks to visit in Indiana?

Here are some of the most popular landmarks to visit in Indiana:

If you are looking for more interesting places worth exploring, check out these 10 historic Indiana landmarks. 

What are the most popular state parks to visit in Indiana?

Indiana has 24 official state parks, including some truly underrated state parks worth exploring. The following are among the most popular state parks to visit in Indiana:


What are the major highways in Indiana?

Some of the major highways in Indiana are:

Indiana also has several scenic country roads, backroads, and byways, such as the little-known historic Highway 421, also known as Michigan Road.