Miami, Florida – ( NewMediaWire ) – October 11, 2020 – ParentingNerd, the highly popular source of trusted car seat reviews, makes it easier than ever for parents to find the right car seat on the market. “As most of the car seat manufacturers have recently released their new models, we put together a list of the best car seats by ParentingNerd experts,” said Stephanie Torres, Senior Product Analyst, ParentingNerd LLC.

Infant Car Seats

1. Best Overall:  Chicco KeyFit 30

2. Best Premium:  Nuna Pipa

3. Best Safety:  Britax B-Safe 35

4. Best Budget:  Evenflo Embrace LX

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Convertible Car Seats

5. Best Overall:  Britax Emblem

6. Best Premium:  Britax Boulevard

7. Best Safety:  Graco Extend2Fit

8. Best Budget:  Evenflo Tribute LX

See the  full list of convertible seats on ParentingNerd’s website.

Booster Car Seats

9. Best Overall:  Diono Monterey XT

10. Best Premium:  Clek Oobr

11. Best Safety:  Britax Frontier

12.  Best Budget:  Evenflo Spectrum

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One for Life Car Seats

13. Best Premium:  Britax One4Life

14. Best Budget:  Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1

“We are passionate about child safety and believe that car seats that met the latest safety standards and are equipped with the latest technological enhancements are central factors on this,” said Stephanie Torres, Senior Product Analyst, ParentingNerd LLC. “Our recently published list of car seats is thoughtfully combined to provide the very best option for every child, at every age, combined with different options for parents, for example, whether they’re interested in a premium or budget option. Of course, we focused our efforts on ensuring that our unique safety standards and requirements are still satisfied for all of these seats that were chosen out.”

Most parents aren’t car seat experts and don’t know much about choosing the right car seat for their child. Fortunately, the people at ParentingNerd review all the most popular car seats on the market and frequently update the list of the best available options at the moment.

Infant car seats usually have a weight limit of 30 to 40 pounds and are designed to fit children during their first 12-24 months. The convertible car seats have quite similar characteristics as an infant car seat, but the age and weight limits are much bigger. Usually, the weight limit for convertibles is around 40 to 65 pounds. Hence convertible car seats usually have a longer lifespan. However, on the downside, the convertible car seats have a bigger size and may not comfortably fit in smaller cars.

Booster car seats are suitable for children who have outgrown the forward-facing infant or convertible car seats. The experts at ParentingNerd and manufacturers recommend using booster seats from the age of 4 until the child is in appropriate height to use the regular car seat.

The full list of best car seats with more detailed information is available at ParentingNerd’s website.

Tips for Buying a Car Seat

Recommendations by Manufacturers

Many car seat manufacturers have online guides on their websites, which will show you exactly which cars their seats will fit in.

Height and Weight Requirements

Always choose a car seat that matches the height and weight requirements for your child. Using a too big or small car seat can be extremely unsafe.

Don’t Buy Used Car Seat

Second-hand car seats may have been damaged in a car crash. Thus they might not be safe to use anymore. Although it depends on the accident’s seriousness, it’s usually recommended to buy a new car seat after a severe car crash.

Of course, you can use a second-hand car seat that comes from a friend or family member but makes sure that you know its history if it’s not a too old model, and it comes with manufacturer instructions.

Try It First

Before buying a car seat, it’s best to try a few in your car first. Many people find a physical retailer to try different car seats into their vehicles. Moreover, retailers have usually experienced specialists in the stores who can assist you with the installation and recommend car seat models suitable for your car.

Buy Online

Based on the survey, 92% of the readers of ParentingNerd visited retailers to see and try the car seats before buying it but purchased it online. “People usually have a few car seat models looked out that they already like, so they come to us (edit: ParentingNerd’s website) for reviews and to find out where’s the best price on the market, “said Stephanie Torres. “The rule of thumb for car seat prices is that usually online retailers have more competitive prices, mainly because they don’t have high overhead costs like rent or lease for a brick-and-mortar store, they need fewer employees and so on.”

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