The third date. You made it. Heading into this point, you know you and your date share some things in common. And the results from this outing can show whether you two might work well together for additional activities, dates…even a relationship. So, as you plan date number three, forget the typical moves like watching movies (there’s no chance to bond) or doing things that don’t reflect your personality (yep, you can skip bungee jumping). Instead focus on communication. Compatibility. And whether you have a mutual attraction.

“In my experience matchmaking for 10 years, the third date usually is the segue between a casual and committed relationship,” says international matchmaker Paul C. Brunson. “In terms of date ideas, it’s important to remember the trifecta of romantic love (intimacy, commitment, and trust) when planning.” In fact, Brunson calls the third date “critical.” Yeah. Critical is definitely a strong word, but try not to get caught up in the pressure to perform. It’s just an opportunity to figure out if you two really are compatible. Whether you discover you are or you aren’t meant to be together, you’ll learn something valuable.

So how do you plan the third date? “From location to activity to interaction, all should be guided on what you’ve actively heard your date will enjoy,” Brunson explains.

Sound good? I’ve started this list for your consideration. Feel free to choose the option that feels true to you and your date. Or adapt an entry for something one-of-a-kind.