Planning a girls trip to LA? Los Angeles is the perfect city for a very fun weekend getaway with the girls!

Los Angeles is an incredible city in the United States. It’s in the state of California and it’s home to many amazing sights. For example, you can find The Getty and the Hollywood sign there.

If you’re looking for a new place to visit with the girls, this city is wonderful. That’s because there are many fun things you can do here.

For example, you can do a walking food tour of Venice Beach. Venice Beach is a beautiful place in the city and if you love food a lot, this tour is very fun.

Another very fun activity is going to Laugh Factory and attending a comedy show. And if you want to relax during your girls weekend in LA, you can go to the spa The Langham!

Going to Flutter is also great. This is an art experience where you can find the most unique and gorgeous art installations. You can take amazing photos at this place.

Here are the best girls trip to LA ideas!

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1. Do a Walking Food Tour at Venice Beach

One of the best activities for a girls trip to LA is to do a Venice Beach walking food tour. During this tour, a guide will take your small group to various eateries where you can do food tastings.

28 Girls Trip to LA Ideas: Perfect for a Girls Weekend

Through this, you’ll get to know the food of Venice Beach.

Also, the guide will tell you about Venice Beach’s history, which can be very interesting.

In total, this activity will take about 3 hours.

2. Go to Laugh Factory and Attend a Comedy Show

Want to have a very fun evening during your girls trip to LA? Then, you have to check out Laugh Factory.

This is a place where you can see great live comedy shows that I’m sure you’ll all love.

There are 2 shows every evening and there’s definitely a show that you’ll like.

Also, you can have drinks here and you can combine going here with other activities in the city as well.

3. Get Cute Crepes During Your Girls Trip to LA at Millet Crepe

Millet Crepe is a great place to visit.

This is a place in downtown LA where you can get very unique and cute crepes.

This place serves cone-shaped crepes with unique toppings. Also, many of the crepes come with cute shapes and other decorations.

Furthermore, you can get other treats here as well. For example, there is delicious ice cream too.

So if you want to have a sweet treat, this place is perfect for your girls weekend in LA.

4. Explore the Attractions of Pacific Park and Have a Fun Time

Want to have fun with the girls? Then, you can go to Pacific Park.

Pacific Park

This is a very fun and famous amusement park that you can find on the Santa Monica Pier.

There are lots of rides and attractions here that are perfect for a fun time.

Also, there are many eateries and options for shopping. So this is a very good place to visit on your girls trip to LA.

5. Relax During Your Girls Trip to LA at the Spa of The Langham

Another one of the best things to do during a girls weekend in LA is to relax.

A great place for this is the spa at The Langham.

The Langham is a luxury hotel that you can find in Pasadena and it is more than 100 years old.

At this hotel’s spa, the Chuan Spa, you can do massages and facial treatments that are incredible. Also, there are saunas, pools, and other facilities at the spa that will make you all feel very relaxed for sure.

6. Go to The Art Theatre of Long Beach

Going to The Art Theatre is another great activity.

This is an independent movie theater that dates back to the year 1925. And it is the only independent cinema that is still left.

It is a single-screen cinema with a great atmosphere where you can see indie movies.

7. Book a Private Tour of Various Places in LA

Another one of the best activities during a girls weekend in LA is to book a private tour of LA.

View of LA

This is a 4-hour tour that will take you and the girls to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and various other places.

Moreover, you’ll visit some of the most iconic sights, celebrity homes, and much more.

Also, you’ll get interesting information along the way, which is great!

8. Get Delicious Cupcakes With the Girls at Sinners & Saints Desserts

You and the girls can get great cupcakes during your girls trip to LA at Sinners & Saints Desserts.

This is a bakery that serves amazing cupcakes.

These cupcakes are both delicious and very beautiful, which makes them great to try.

Also, you can get various other pastries and baked goods at this place that you can try as well.

9. Get Your Nails Done at One of LA’s Nail Salons During Your Girls Weekend in LA

Getting your nails done can be a great way to have a fun time.

There are plenty of good nail salons in the city where you can do this.

Moreover, after doing this, you can do other activities in the city. For example, you can combine it with going for a delicious brunch at one of the best brunch spots.

10. Have Amazing Ice Cream at Little Damage

Little Damage is a place that serves unique ice cream that can be great to get during your girls getaway.

At this place, you can get delicious soft-serve ice cream made with local ingredients.

Ice cream at Little Damage in LA

Moreover, this is small-batch ice cream and there are many unique flavors to choose from.

Also, you get unique cones with your ice cream. For example, there are red and black ice cream cones that are very unique.

11. Visit Flutter With the Girls

Going to Flutter is a very unique experience that you can have when you are in the city with the girls.

At this place, you can see very unique and immersive art installations.

These art installations feature a lot of different colors, lights, and materials. And there are lots of unique objects to see here.

Furthermore, these art installations are very photogenic. So if you want to take photos with the girls, you can do that here!

12. Enjoy a Drink With a View at 71Above During Your Girls Trip to LA

Another great way to spend your weekend in LA is by going to 71Above.

This is a rooftop bar where you can have unique drinks with the girls. Also, you can get delicious modern American food here.

Besides that, from this place, you can enjoy a great panoramic view of downtown LA and beyond. There are floor-to-ceiling windows that make the view even more amazing!

13. Enjoy Relaxing Treatments at the Spa of Proper Hotel Santa Monica

You can go to the spa of the Santa Monica Proper Hotel.

At this Spa, the Surya Spa, you can do many different types of relaxing treatments and activities.

Curtains at Proper Hotel Santa Monica

There are many unique ones to choose from.

For example, you can do yoga, steam, and oil treatments. And there’s much more here.

So choose one that you all like, and have a great and relaxing time during your girls weekend in LA!

14. Enjoy Afternoon Tea With the Girls at the Tea Rose Garden

Do you all like tea? Then, you can do an afternoon tea experience at the Tea Rose Garden. This is a place that you can find in Old Town Pasadena.

During afternoon tea at this place, you can choose from about 50 different types of tea. Also, you can get delicious sandwiches and other bites at the same time.

Furthermore, what’s great is that the Tea Rose Garden has beautiful decor. This will make your experience here even better.

15. Go to the Fun World of Illusions Los Angeles

One of the most fun places to visit during a girls trip to LA is the Los Angeles World of Illusions.

This is an interactive museum where you can find many rooms with illusions that you can appear in.

For example, you can make yourself look very tall and another person very small in a photo.

Or you can appear upside-down in one of the museum’s rooms.

The illusions are a lot of fun to try, and I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time.

16. Check out the Hollywood Sign During Your Girls Weekend in LA

When going to Los Angeles, you cannot miss out on seeing the Hollywood Sign.

Hollywood sign

This is one of the most iconic things that you can see in the city, so you should definitely do this!

You can see the sign from many spots in the city. And you can also combine seeing this with other places in Hollywood, such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

17. Go to West Restaurant & Lounge and Have Dinner With a View

You can also go to West Restaurant & Lounge during a girls trip to LA.

This is a rooftop bar that you can find on top of Hotel Angeleno.

At this place, you can get Californian food with the girls and very good drinks.

Furthermore, you can enjoy a great view of LA at the same time.

18. Go to Le Petit Paris and Have Brunch

Brunch is a fun activity, and a great place for brunch is Le Petit Paris.

This is a very stylish French restaurant where you can get amazing brunch with the girls.

For example, you can go here to get delicious avocado toast, truffle risotto, and many other dishes.

19. Take Photos Together at Unique Spots in LA as a Memory of Your Girls Weekend in LA

There are so many photogenic places in the city where you can go to take pictures with the girls.

For example, you can go to the Santa Monica pier to take photos.

Palm trees

Also, you can go to the Hollywood sign and take photos.

And there are many great spots with palm trees that are perfect for photos.

20. Have Fun With the Girls at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Want to have fun? Then, don’t miss out on Six Flags Magic Mountain.

This is an amusement park that you can find very close to downtown Los Angeles.

At this place, there are a lot of different roller coasters. In fact, it has the most roller coasters for one amusement park, which is amazing.

If you like thrill rides, this place is perfect to visit.

21. Have Fresh and Colorful Smoothies at Juice It Up

Another one of the best things to do during a girls trip to LA is to get smoothies.

You can go to Juice It Up! for this.

This place serves very delicious and high-quality smoothies that I’m sure you’ll like.

Also, you can go here for great juices and acai bowls that are amazing to try.

22. Go to Universal Studios Hollywood With the Girls and Have a Lot of Fun

Universal Studios Hollywood is another fun amusement park to go to with the girls.

This is a well-known film studio and theme park that you can find in the city.

Universal Studios Hollywood

At this place, you can do tours of real studios.

Also, there are a lot of attractions related to the movie industry that are very fun and interesting to see.

23. Have Coffee During Your Girls Trip to LA at Le Ciel Pink

Getting a cup of coffee during a girls weekend in LA is always a great activity.

And a great place to do this is Le Ciel Pink.

This is a very cute cafe in the city that has a very pretty pink interior. Also, there are a lot of other cute decorations at the cafe.

And what’s nice is that the drinks at this place are very beautiful too.

24. Enjoy a Luxurious Stay at SLS Hotel

SLS Hotel is a great place to stay during a girls getaway.

This is a luxury hotel that you can find in Beverly Hills.

The hotel has about 300 rooms and suites in total and all have beautiful designs.

Furthermore, there is a very good restaurant, a spectacular pool, and a very relaxing spa.

25. Have a Fun Time at Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort is a fun place to visit during your girls weekend in LA.

This is a theme park that dates back to the year 1955 and it was Disney’s first theme park.


You can find a lot of Disney-themed rides and attractions here.

Also, the fun atmosphere of the park makes it an amazing place to visit.

26. Go to B Sweet Dessert Bar and Enjoy Great Treats During You Girls Trip to LA

B Sweet Dessert Bar is a great place if you want to try out delicious desserts.

At this dessert shop, there are all kinds of tasty treats to choose from.

For example, you can get amazing bread pudding here in a lot of different flavors. And there is much more to choose from.

27. See a Movie at New Beverly Cinema

You can go to the New Beverly Cinema with the girls.

This is a historic movie theater that you can find in LA. The owner of this theater is Quentin Tarantino and you can see all kinds of unique films at this place.

For example, you can see films in 35 mm here, which is very unique.

Also, what’s nice is that the movie theater has a very nice atmosphere.

28. See Art During Your Girls Weekend in LA at The Gettygirls

Do you all like art? Then, you should definitely check out The Getty.

This is a museum where you can see interesting exhibitions of art that are rotating.

The Getty in LA

Moreover, you can see a large variety of art here.

Also, what’s nice is that there is no admission fee to go here.

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