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Although we are hopping on the bandwagon of optimism by preparing a travel essential list for a world where Coronavirus is no longer a pandemic, even the planning right now makes us all happy.

Whether it’s a short road trip or an off-the-app expedition, the way we travel would be inexplicably changed. We will pack more hygiene essentials than matching shoes and accessories. Fret not, we have curated a list of the essentials that you would need to pack before starting your post-lockdown road trip.

1. Extra Face Masks + Hand Sanitizers + Gloves 

The first and the foremost things while packing post coronavirus are face masks, hand sanitizers and gloves. This trio would help you to shield against every little germ. During the road trips, you might not be able to wash your face masks so it’s better to carry some extra masks. Keep alcohol-based sanitizers handy as they would help you to kill more germs. Apart from this, carry some disposable gloves as well to avoid touching dirty surfaces. 

2. Full Sleeve Tees + Full-Length Pants

As safety is more important than fashion, full sleeved t-shirts and trousers would keep your body parts covered all the time to reduce the risks of spreading the virus. Keep some extra pair of full length clothes so that it’s easier to change your clothes as often as you want. 

3. First-Aid Kit + Thermometer

Prepare a first-aid kit with important things like medicines, band-aids, crepe bandages, sprain-relief gels, anti-allergens, etc. Also, keep a bottle of insect repellents and sting relief. Apart from that a thermometer is very important to monitor your temperature. 

4. Cushion + Bed Sheets 

It’s necessary to have your own belongings rather than using public essentials. Keep a soft cushion and bed sheet so that you can relax after long hours of driving. You can easily take a power nap during a short halt with this combination.  

5. Towel + Liquid Soap + Shower Cap 

Always carry your personal towel, even if you are travelling to a 5-star luxury resort with all amenities. Also, carry a bottle of liquid soap for bathing and cleaning yourself rather than using public restroom soaps for washing hands.