“Woman should not travel alone in India, it’s too dangerous.” If you are a woman, chances are you must have heard this almost every time you told someone you wanted to go on a solo trip. While there are destinations in India that are unsafe for a woman to travel, but there are destinations that are safe for female only travelers. Ladies! Don’t we all crave to shun our daily routines and travel the world to escape from the deadlines and the stress? But more than that, most women shut that thought of exploring India alone because it takes certain precautions and small sacrifices on freedom. We present 7 best places in India, which have time and again proved to be safe for female only travelers. Check it out! 1. Goa: According to Plan India, Goa is the safest state to be a woman in India is Goa. If you are a beach person and want to witness swaying palms, white sands, and sparkling waters, then pack your flip-flops and head straight to the best beaches in Goa. Known for its nightlife, Goa is considered to be the best place to go for a vacation. 2. Pondicherry: If you want to explore French architecture and beautiful beaches, Pondicherry is the destination for you. Pondicherry remains tranquil and offers the perfect French colonial-style setting. Here you can enjoy peaceful beaches, crystal-clear sea, and a mouth-watering plate of seafood. 3. Shillong: Also known as Scotland of the East, Shillong is popular amongst women bikers, music enthusiasts, and nature lovers. The capital of Meghalaya has attractive natural vistas, historical sites, and some amazing food. 4. Ladakh: The place is quite popular amongst the female travelers. Want to feel rejuvenated? Then visit the Land of Lamas, to witness open skies, the towering and looming mountains, and the breath-taking landscape. 5. Kovalam, Kerala: Love beaches? Then make your way to Kovalam in Kerala. Kovalam offers some of the most famous beaches of Kerala. It is also known for its exotic beach resorts. 6. Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh: Want to try an off-beat location for your first solo trip? The Mini Switzerland of India, Khajjiar will take your breath away. It’s easy on the pocket. Peaceful meadows, dense deodar forest, and the views of the snow-covered mountains, Khajjiar is drop-dead gorgeous. 7. Sikkim: If you love mighty Himalayan ranges, waterfalls, and lush green forests, Sikkim is the place to be. Sikkim is considered one of the best places for meditation. The state has an enormous variety of flora and fauna. Witness the most serene mountains of Mt. Kanchenjunga here covered entirely in the sheet of snow.

So, where will you go for your next solo trip?

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