“I honestly don’t know the seat numbers,” said Robinson of the spot inside Memorial Stadium where members of his family have had season tickets since 1946. “I just know where we are. I just know where my rear end goes every Saturday.”

The seats are in section 108 in the East Stadium balcony. His grandparents, Richard and Evelyn Weidman, of Lincoln, had the tickets, but now other members of the family are carrying on the tradition.

Robinson, 33, has been attending games in the family seats since at least 1995. There are four seats, and all the children and grandchildren would get a chance to attend.

His grandparents died in 2009 and 2010, but the family took steps to keep the seats in the family.

“It was kind of a unique circumstance,” Robinson said. “They had the seats in the pre-donation era and were grandfathered in. So when we inherited them we had to start making the donation on the seats, which was a little unfortunate after all of those years. But there was no question that we were going to keep them. My grandma died the night before the 2010 Texas game, and a couple of us went to the game the next day. There wasn’t any question in our mind that she would have wanted us to go to that game.”

Robinson has had to do a lot of traveling to attend Husker games in Lincoln, but that doesn’t stop him. For most of his youth, he lived in Kansas City, Missouri; he went to college in Kentucky, and now he lives in Florida, where he works for United States Tennis Association.