9 amazing glass bridges around the world

This glass floor cable car gives you the thrill of going up to the harbor and the mountains in the woods on a 5.7km ride to the giant Tian Tan Buddha. But perhaps more frightening is that an empty cabin fell off during a test in 2007 – though the operator was changed after that incident.

7. Grand Canyon Skywalk

Location: Arizona, USA

9 amazing glass bridges around the world

Grand Canyon Skywalk was built on a steep cliff, with a total budget of up to 30 million USD. Standing on the Grand Canyon Skywall glass bridge, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Arizona from above.

8 + 9. Bridge of Love and Dragon Glass Bridge 

Location: Vietnam

9 amazing glass bridges around the world

Vietnam has 2 glass bridges that are loved by young people, namely, the Bridge of Love in Moc Chau and the Dragon Glass Bridge in Lai Chau.

The Bridge of Love is located next to the famous Dai Yem waterfall, about 20 meters high, with outstanding red-yellow colors and lovely heart shapes decorated along the bridge.

9 amazing glass bridges around the world

Dragon Glass Bridge has a strong appearance with a large steel frame at the Heaven Gate of O Quy Ho Pass. This bridge is 60m long, has a height of up to 2,200m with a 4-way corridor. The bridge is made of very sturdy tempered glass. When moving up to the highest point, the elevator can accommodate 18-25 people, with an average time of 4-10 minutes to ensure safety.

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