Italy is a country that offers a rich history, stunning architecture, mouth-watering cuisine, and picturesque landscapes. With all of the above, it also offers various opportunities for adventure and the best accommodation.

With only 9 days to explore, you’ll want to enjoy your time to the fullest. Be sure to visit the country’s most iconic cities and landmarks. Here is a 9-day itinerary for your Italian adventure.

Day 1-2: Start your big adventure from Rome

Start your trip in the eternal city of Rome where you’ll be surrounded by ancient ruins, world-renowned art and delicious Italian cuisine. Take a tour of the Colosseum, and visit the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. Make a wish and throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, the most famous fountain in Italy. Take a stroll through the charming Trastevere neighbourhood, enjoy a gelato in Piazza Navona and indulge in a traditional Italian dinner in one of the city’s many restaurants.

Day 3-4: Enrich your itinerary with Florence’s iconic sights

Next, head to the Renaissance city of Florence where you’ll find an abundance of art and architecture that will take your breath away. Visit the Uffizi Gallery, the Accademia Gallery and the Duomo. Take a walk along the Arno River and cross the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge. Enjoy a Tuscan dinner with a view at Piazzale Michelangelo and don’t forget to try some local specialities like Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine steak) and gelato.

Day 5: Check out what Pisa and Lucca have to offer

Take a day trip from Florence to the charming cities of Pisa and Lucca. In Pisa, visit the famous Leaning Tower, explore the Piazza dei Miracoli and walk along the Arno River. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the most famous attraction in the town and one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world.

You should definitely visit Giardino Scotto – a public park that is located near the river and offers a peaceful escape from the bustle of the city. The park is home to several historic buildings, including a 16th-century villa and a small church. In Lucca, you could rent a bike and cycle along the ancient city walls, visit the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, and try some local wine and olive oil.

Day 6-7: Do not miss Venice on your 9 days in Italy itinerary

Next day head to the romantic city of Venice where you can explore the maze-like streets, canals, and bridges. Take a gondola ride, and visit St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. Get lost in the city’s backstreets and alleyways and try some delicious Venetian seafood. The thing you shouldn’t miss is the Grand Canal ride: take a water taxi or gondola that will ride you down the Grand Canal; it is one of the best ways to see Venice. The canal is surrounded by beautiful palaces and historic buildings and offers stunning views of the city.

9 Days in Italy – Travel Itinerary Ideas

Day 8-9: Relax on the Amalfi Coast

Finally, end your trip with a relaxing visit to the stunning Amalfi Coast. Take a scenic drive along the coast, visit the charming towns of Positano and Amalfi and soak up the Mediterranean sun. Relax on the beach, take a boat tour and enjoy the local seafood and wine.

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