We did it. We made it to the final seven Supernatural episodes. And before things get too serious, we get an hour that’s 95 percent fun. And boy does it feel good to be back.

a group of people performing on a counter: On tonight's Supernatural, a wood nymph pays Sam and Dean a visit.

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On tonight’s Supernatural, a wood nymph pays Sam and Dean a visit.

We start in the bunker, where Jack is sitting in his room dealing with the whole “his soul is back” dilemma while Sam and Dean deal with the bunker’s, er, technical issues. The hot water is out, the air is out, and now the pipes are giving them issues. So together, the Winchesters head downstairs to the never-before-seen basement to work the case. As Dean puts it, “We’ve fought the devil. I’ve killed Hitler. I think we can handle a few old pipes.” But in classic Dean fashion, he doesn’t do his research before hitting the “reset” button thinking it always works for his computer.

But what this reset does is set a wood nymph free in the bunker! Okay, so maybe he couldn’t have predicted that but what about the Winchesters’ lives has ever been predictable? That’s where we meet Mrs. Butters, the aforementioned wood nymph. Another epic Dean quote: “Shouldn’t you be in the woods somewhere … nymphing?” But she claims that the bunker is her home. Confused, the boys ask for clarity, and it turns out, Mrs. Butters used to take care of the Men of Letters, cooking, cleaning, doing their laundry. (All things Sam and Dean need if we’re being honest.)

The problem is she thinks it’s 1958, and man is she going to be bummed when she finds out how much 2020 sucks, amirite? Sam and Dean inform her that Abaddon killed all her boys, which is why, all those years ago, they left the bunker and never came back. Speaking of them never coming back, when they didn’t come home, Mrs. B placed the bunker in standby mode. So when Dean reset the bunker, he also reset her. And it turns out the boys have been living in the bunker at half-power! The Men of Letters used her magic to give it an extra oomph back in the day! What does extra oomph look like, you ask? Oh, just that the map table is now a monster radar, the mystery telescope can look into other dimensions, and a bunch of other things that would make Sam and Dean’s life exponentially better!

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Sam’s not immediately sure that keeping Mrs. Butters around is a great idea, but as Dean points out, “We do have the son of Satan living down the hall,” so their life is full of questionable ideas. So for now, they embrace all of it: the monster radar, the brown bag lunches, and the holiday celebrations. In a Ghostbusters-esque montage, the bunker’s alarm sounds, Sam and Dean head out to hunt monsters, and return in time for dinner. One night, it’s Christmas, another it’s Halloween, and so on. (The best moment? Dean showing up to a hunt with a grenade launcher and Sam holding Thor’s hammer.)

When Mrs. Butters finally meets Jack, she asks what he is, to which Dean responds, “He’s a millennial. Don’t let that throw you, he’s a good kid.” This episode was full of amazing Dean moments. Did I mention Dean’s wearing a real-life version of his Scoobynatural nightgown? Because he is and it is magical.

While the boys head out on cases, Mrs. Butters gets to know Jack and starts giving him one too many smoothies if you ask me. Cut to one day when Jack finds Mrs. Butters looking through her Men of Letters file. Naturally, he snoops, and when he does, he finds a video of the Men of Letters using Mrs. Butters to kill a Nazi.

When Sam (and his precious sweater vest) goes on a date with Eileen, and Dean decides to check out the now-fixed TV in his Dean cave, Jack confronts Mrs. B and we find out that she was testing him: Jack told her about killing Mary, and she thinks he’s still dangerous. And turns out this woman will do anything to protect her family. (Sam and Dean being the family.)

Those sketchy smoothies? They weakened Jack, so now she can cuff him so Sam and Dean can kill him. After all, she wants to “make the bunker safe again.”

When she tells Dean her plan, he’s torn between wanting to eat the delicious sandwich she’s prepared for him and knowing he needs to help Jack. “We had a good thing going,” he says. “Of course you had to go full Nurse Ratched.” But when Dean suggests they let Jack go, she decides he’s been brainwashed, so suddenly, Dean is thrown in with Jack and Sam gets to … kill them both?

The good news is that it does give Jack and Dean a little time to catch-up. Dean admits he’s still trying to get past what Jack did. After all, it’s not easy to forget. But Dean does assure him he’s not going to let “some evil Mary Poppins take you out.” Dean then tries to break through Jack’s handcuffs, which launches Jack back across the room. That gives Dean an idea. They do the same thing with Jack’s back to the door, which sends him crashing through the door and frees them both.

And thank goodness because Mrs. B is upstairs ripping off Sam’s fingernails like she’s the bad guys from “A Very Supernatural Christmas.” Together, the guys convince her that Jack isn’t evil and furthermore, that he can save the world.

Once Mrs. B calms down and heals Sam’s fingers, she decides to return to her home in the woods. That means the bunker will return to standby mode, but monster radar was too easy for the Winchesters anyway. She leaves the boys with some parting wisdom, telling Dean to eat his vegetables, Sam to cut his hair, and Jack to save the world. Then she’s gone.

In her aftermath, Jack is questioning his abilities. He’s supposed to be the one to kill God but he got tricked by a wood nymph. What does that say about him? But Sam reminds him he’s the only one who can do this. Just then, Dean shows up with a birthday cake for Jack. It isn’t pretty. But it’s a start.

Overall, I thought this was a great episode back, a fun reminder of many of the more lighthearted things we love about this show. Plus, I love any episode that gives us more explanation about things that have been in the bunker for years now. I don’t think we’ll have many episodes like this left, so I suggest we cherish how this one made us feel.

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