Ever wanted to go to a Japanese theme park?

Well, now’s your chance to fully work from home from one while suspended 50+ metres up in the air. As long as you live in the area, obviously.

The Yomiuri Land theme park, located just 35 minutes from Shinjuku, Tokyo, is this month offering people the chance to rent remote working spaces in a bid to make back some of the losses they’ve made since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic… And give people a bit of fun during their 9 to 5 too.

The park’s new “Amusement Workstation” is opening for the first time this week, and it’s got everything one could possibility want from a remote working space: an area for your laptop, a nice bit of leg room, and the ability to be suspended high above the ground in a rotating pod.

Amusement Workstation gives people the opportunity to set themselves up by Yomiuri Land’s Wai pool for a WFH shift that’s a little bit more chill, and a little bit more fun.

The theme park is also offering workers an hour go on the ferris wheel, which is also equipped with WiFi for their every working need. Honestly, these guys are onto something here.

“As a privilege, you will receive a Ferris wheel 1-hour ticket (up to 4 laps),” reads the park’s website. “Of course, the Ferris wheel is also equipped with WiFi, so you can participate in remote meetings from the air!

“You can do anything, and the topic is outstanding! In addition, after finishing work at ‘Amusement Workstation’, you can join your family and enjoy the amusement park, or sweat at the hot bath facility or the driving range.”

The park is opening their Amusement Workstation to the public this Thursday, October 15 – and the rates aren’t all that bad either. 1,900 yen (€15) will get one person a full day working from the park, or 3,600 yen (€29) for two people.

Lunch will also be served to guests in the park, so they’ve no need to bring their own.

So, any suss on Funderland sorting a similar deal here in Ireland, or?