ActiveSG members will face temporary suspension of their memberships from tomorrow if they flout the rules laid out in the national sports movement’s amended booking policy.

Users who do not turn up for three bookings in a month at ActiveSG gyms and swimming pools will have their memberships suspended for two weeks, during which they will not be allowed to book any of ActiveSG’s facilities.

They will be notified via e-mail should their account be suspended.

ActiveSG said it had observed over the past three months that more than 15 per cent of users who pre-booked their slots did not turn up during their allocated time slot.

Members have been required to book slots for ActiveSG facilities – with the exception of stadiums – online since June 19, when sports venues were reopened in phase two of the post-circuit breaker period. The booking policy changes will also allow members to book gym and pool slots up to three days in advance to ensure that everyone has a fair shot at using the facilities. Members could previously book slots 15 days in advance.

Members will not be penalised for no shows if the closure of facilities is facilitated by ActiveSG due to maintenance and other reasons. This also applies if Cat 1 weather conditions, which refer to lightning and downpour, do not allow for the use of the facilities.

On its website, ActiveSG stated that members will not be refunded in cases of a light drizzle, but will be compensated if they are unable to use the facilities because of lightning risk or poor visibility at the pool.

Since sports facilities reopened in June, ActiveSG has experienced high demand, with gyms seeing about 98 per cent of the available slots taken up monthly, while badminton courts and pools are at 87 and 61 per cent respectively.

In a mass e-mail to members, ActiveSG chief Sng Hock Lin reminded members to comply with the measures in place, adding: “These measures are put in place to ensure the safety of the community at large, and we will not hesitate to act against errant users.”