CHICAGO, Sept. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Adrenaline, Inc., the leader in the U.S. adventure experience marketplace since its launch in 2012, has announced that its founders have appointed Brendan Nugent as chief executive officer as part of the company’s strategic plan for growth. 

Adrenaline, Inc., hinges its mission on bringing larger than life adventures to people across the United States. Their team works diligently to create an array of hand selected, bucket list worthy experiences such as driving experiences, helicopter tours, water sports, land adventures and more. As the nation’s best known and most trusted supplier of awesome gift ideas and gift certificates, the website, makes it easy for people to choose adventures for either themselves or a friend or loved one. Adrenaline, Inc., directly contracts each adventure posted on their platform, with exciting excursions available in cities across the United States in 40 markets with the website listing over 1,300 experiences. Customers have named a leading provider of exceptional excursions with more than 3,500 online reviews with an all-time rating of 4.7/5.

The company has taken a customer-first approach as the business supports both Partners and Customers throughout a travel disrupted year. 

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Not having to wait days in order to get them mailed was awesome,” said one recent five-star review of website gift certificates have become a popular go-to solution for people who are buying for the adventure-oriented friend or loved one. These gift certificates can be used towards any experience found at the website and can be sent conveniently via email or via traditional mail inside a brushed metal gift box. 

Despite the company’s popularity, Adrenaline, Inc., recognizes the need to adapt with the times. By bringing aboard Nugent as CEO, the company aims to do just that. Nugent’s main task will be to lead the development of Adrenaline, Inc.’s short and long-term strategies to ensure Adrenaline’s continued growth and popularity in a fast-shifting, increasingly complex and competitive global landscape.

David Jellins, the founder of Adrenaline, Inc. states, “We are fortunate to have someone of Brendan Nugent’s caliber and experience step up to lead Adrenaline in the United States. We are at a pivotal moment for both our platform and industry and we need renewed leadership to successfully implement our strategy and take advantage of the market opportunities ahead. Nugent is a proven business driver with an established track record of execution. He is a strong communicator who is supplier-focused with deep leadership capabilities. Furthermore, as a member of the Adrenaline, Inc., leadership team since June, Nugent has a solid understanding of our intellectual property, our Experience Partners and immediate opportunities.”

Nugent’s specialty is helping brands build robust channel outlets and partnerships. Most recently, Nugent served as Vice President of Distribution & Partnerships at iFLY, the global leader in Indoor Skydiving. In 2014, Nugent joined the experiential entertainment company on the cusp of major growth, building programs and distribution partnerships throughout his tenure to enable concept expansion while maintaining revenue generation. During Nugent’s time at iFLY, he also directly led a team responsible for $20 million in direct attribution. This foundation was built within the Tour & Travel, Hospitality, Retail Gifting sectors and he led a team to successfully integrate the company’s ticketing system with leading industry outlets and partners. 

Nugent said, “I couldn’t be more excited to lead Adrenaline, Inc. The company is well positioned to play a key role as domestic tourism becomes a key area of focus for our U.S.-based Experience Partners. Americans are looking for things to do locally and to shop for amazing activities and gifts closer to home. In the current environment, consumers are more likely to use a gift certificate to shop online as a result of the global pandemic and is well-positioned to capitalize on that opportunity. Our marketplace is made up of dedicated and passionate Experience Providers who are eager to do what they do best: deliver amazing experiences. With over 1,300 Experiences and 400 Providers in the portfolio, this trend to go local is opening up new segments and opportunities for our Partners and this business.”

Adrenaline, Inc., is thrilled to bring Nugent aboard at what their team believes is a critical point in their company’s growth. As the market is rapidly shifting and evolving, Adrenaline, Inc., sees an opportunity to drive the company towards an ever-changing and yet growing market. More and more consumers are looking to get out and have fun, and Adrenaline, Inc., is there to help with an expanding list of unique adventures across the country. Whether people are looking for an excursion in the Pacific, West, Midwest, Northeast, or South, Adrenaline, Inc., invites adventure-seekers to check out their offering of experiences. More information can be found at

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Adrenaline, Inc., the leading online supplier of awesome and unique gifts, has sought out life-defining experiences for their clients for over 8 years. Passionate about delivering exciting experiences, we’ve discovered thousands of adventures to get your blood pumping, each with the power to connect you to something deeper and change your life for good. We’ve contracted 1,300 (and counting) of the best adrenaline adventures in the USA from top Experience Providers. It’s our promise to offer you the lowest prices and best experiences, guaranteed!

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