The Allen City Council unanimously approved an agreement with Allen Sports Association on Aug. 25 that would give the association regular use of Stephen G. Terrell Recreation Center gym space when it is completed in exchange for $3 million. The funds will be put towards the construction and upkeep of the center.

Voters approved $16 million in bonds in 2016 for the sports center, with an additional $35 million being considered by the Community Development Corporation, making it a collective $54 million project with the ASA’s $3 million.

The first of two installments of $1.5 million was paid by the ASA upon the city’s approval of the agreement. The second will be paid upon completion of construction.

A City of Allen water tower near Prestige Circle and Bethany Drive in Allen, Texas Thursday August 14, 2014.

The agreement between the city and ASA lays out guidelines for the organizations use of the facilities, including the association being guaranteed a certain number of court hours a week at a discounted rate and a non-compete clause for programming from both the city and the association.

Allen Parks and Recreation Director Kate Meacham said in a release from the city that the investment from the ASA allows the city to increase the number of gymnasium spaces available to residents.

“The partnership with ASA is critical to us providing a well-balanced offering of athletics in our community,” Meacham said. “We value their partnership and look forward to working with them as we work towards to the opening of the Stephen G. Terrell Recreation Center.”