• Amazon’s sales event appears to be set for October 13–14 after being delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • This move serves as a key lead-in to the etailer’s holiday season.

The etailer’s flagship shopping holiday is set to occur on October 13 and 14, with Amazon planning to announce the dates publicly on September 27, per an internal email seen by The Verge.

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Amazon’s Prime Day appears to be set for October 13–14.

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Amazon hasn’t publicly confirmed the dates for Prime Day, but they would fit Amazon’s plan to hold the event in Q4 after choosing not to run the promotion in July per usual due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whenever it occurs, Prime Day is likely to be a massive sales day for Amazon considering previous  iterations of Prime Day have been among Amazon’s largest sales events ever, and Amazon has already seen its sales soar during the pandemic.

If Prime Day does occur on October 13–14, it’ll be a key lead-in for Amazon’s holiday performance, both in terms of fulfillment and sales.

Prime Day will be a major test of Amazon’s ability to handle a surge in order volume before the holidays after it struggled earlier in the pandemic. Amazon had difficulty delivering all types of orders in a timely manner earlier in the pandemic due to an increase in ecommerce orders and the need for new safety protocols, which was part of why it postponed Prime Day. Now, Amazon will have the opportunity to prove to consumers it can still deliver orders quickly during key sales moments and fine-tune its processes before holiday orders pour in.

And because Prime Day is so late this year, it’ll be just before Amazon starts offering deals for the holidays, so it may serve as an unofficial start to its holiday sales. Amazon will reportedly start offering early Black Friday deals on October 26, less than two weeks after Prime Day, so Amazon may be able to use Prime Day to get consumers excited to start holiday shopping, bolstering its Q4 sales in the process. And considering 59% of US consumers plan to start holiday shopping by the end of October, per a survey from BlackFriday.com, Prime Day 2020 should have a sizable audience looking to make purchases. 

But other merchants will run their own promotions in October to capitalize on the buzz created by Prime Day and consumers’ interest in early holiday shopping. Retailers like eBay and Target offered their own deals during Prime Day in the past in the hopes of boosting their own sales, and they’re likely to take similar actions now that they have an idea of when Prime Day 2020 will occur.

And retailers won’t let Amazon beat them to the punch in terms of holiday deals, so more retailers will likely follow Walmart’s strategy of introducing holiday sales early this year. However, Amazon should still be best positioned to derive sales from Prime Day since it’s at the center of the event.

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