Apex Legends‘ Aftermarket event may not be the only celebration this month. Data miners found hints of an upcoming Halloween-themed event in the game files, complete with a new limited-time mode, another heirloom, and possibly pet Prowlers.

Data miners spotted multiple assets related to the event, including a badge, several cosmetics, and information about the new limited-time mode, Shadow Royale. The LTM takes place in an alternate dimension where Revenant hosts the Apex Games for his own entertainment.

The game files contain some descriptors used in Shadow Royale. The game mode has a simple premise: players will revive as shadows until all members of their squad are wiped out. The last team standing wins.

Shadows have a limited number of respawns and can’t use weapons, but gain a handful of perks that range from extra movement to supernatural companions.

They can wall run and double jump like in Titanfall and can use a devastating long-range melee attack, according to the game files. They climb infinitely, regenerate health over time, and can revive downed squadmates.

The game files also list the existence of “shadow pets,” domesticated Prowlers that will likely lend a hand in combat. Squad pets don’t take friendly fire and, based on the description, squads could possibly have to earn their pets.

Last year, Apex celebrated its first Halloween with the Fight or Fright event and the Shadowfall limited-time mode. It marked Revenant’s first official appearance, long before his debut in February,

The Aftermarket event ends on Oct. 20, which means that an upcoming Halloween celebration would likely kick off on Oct. 27 or possibly even Oct. 20.