It looks like the full description for Apex Legends’ upcoming Shadow Royale mode has been revealed through a datamine.

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Earlier today, prolific Apex Legends datminer Shrugtal revealed the in-game description for the unannounced Shadow Royale mode. You can see the find from Shrugtal just below, in which Shadow Royale is a very Revenant-focused event.

Shadow Royale is quite the twist on Apex Legends. It’s Revenant’s turn to run the Apex Games, and so all slain teammates immediately respawn as a shadowy version of themselves, to hunt down those that killed them and help their remaining teammates in the process.

Shrugtal’s also been busy at work uncovering some new Halloween-themed skins for various Apex Legends characters. Special skins for Wraith, Bloodhound, Caustic, and more have been uncovered, and it seems like these skins will go live alongside the Shadow Royale event at some point in the future.

This isn’t the first time Shadow Royale has reared its head in datamines and leaks for ¬†Apex Legends. Earlier this week, the mode was referenced in an update file for Apex Legends, although we didn’t have a concrete idea of what the mode would entail back then.

In the same datamine, a new character was uncovered. Referred to only as “Horizon,” this mysterious character is shrouded in mystery, with some theorizing that this newcomer won’t be a new playable legend, but will instead create the next character to enter the Apex Games.

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