Northern Ontario may have a dramatically lower incidence of COVID-19 cases than Toronto, Peel and Ottawa, but an infection control doctor in Sault Ste. Marie wants to see more restrictions in the region.

Dr. Lucas Castellani, who works at the Sault Area Hospital, recently signed a letter with the Ontario Hospital Association that urges the province to put restrictions on gatherings in places like restaurants and places of worships.

Castellani says there should be no non-essential travel between the north and the south, especially this weekend.

“Probably we’re lucky in the north, that we haven’t had as many cases. But if things get out of control in southern Ontario, which they’re starting to do so, we may unfortunately be stuck restricting things up here as well.”

Castellani is hoping the province will soon impose limits on indoor dining, bars, and gyms in Toronto, which might prevent cases from spreading north.

He spoke with CBC’s Up North radio show host Jonathan Pinto about his concerns on Tuesday’s show.

Up North7:17An infectious disease specialist in Sault Ste Marie talks about what people should keep in mind to stay safe this Thanksgiving

Do we need to think about lockdowns? Should we limit travel to the south? For his thoughts, I spoke with Dr. Lucas Castellani today. He’s the medical director of infection prevention and control at the Sault Area Hospital in Sault Ste Marie. He spoke with Up North host Jonathan Pinto. 7:17