an island in the middle of a body of water: Gokarna

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With festival season lined up, many long weekend or festive holidays are underway. And we understand that Goa is the most preferred destination for a holiday with friends or family. But do you also think that Goa is somewhat overrated? It is crowded mostly every season and in the current scenario, you don’t want to opt for a crowded destination for your first-weekend getaway during the pandemic. If you are looking for a serene, peaceful, and less crowded destination then Gokarna is the perfect travel destination for you. With beautiful beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, and historic monuments- if you are a beach person, this place will leave you tranquilized. Situated in Karnataka, the thriving tourist destination is full of splendid monuments, glittering places and picturesque landscape- Gokarna is a picture of undisturbed serenity. If you are bored of going to those overcrowded beaches in South Goa and looking for anything calm, then Gokarna will take your heart away. Time to indulge in Incredible India! The destination has the stunning and famous Mahabaleshwar Temple as one of the biggest tourist attractions. Gokarna offers unending and serene beaches and not just that the place also has trekking, watersports, and beach camping.  

  5 Places to Visit in Gokarna Om Beach: This beach in Gokarna is the most picturesque attractions. This beach has spiritual significance attached to it. Fun fact: The shape of this beach resembles the shape of Om and this beach is highly auspicious among the people. You can try adventurous activities including Banana boat rides, bumper boat rides, dolphin spotting, jet skiing, fishing, trekking, and speed boating.

an island in the middle of a body of water

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Gokarna for weekend getaway

Kudle Beach: People compare this beach to Goa’s Baga Beach, but the difference is this beach is calmer and less crowded. This beach is known for its unmatched serene beach, full of tall coconut trees, this beach resembles a perfect C. This beach is best for honeymooning, solo travelers, adventurous travelers too.
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Gokarna has serene beaches

Half Moon Beach: That cool breeze, sparkling blue water, and sand- Half Moon beach is all of that and more. You can enjoy sunbathing or swimming here. This place is listed as one of the biggest attractions in Gokarna. Half-Moon Beach again gets its name due to its shape that resembles the crescent moon.

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Mahabaleshwar Temple: The temple of Mahabaleshwara is the main tourist attraction for pilgrims coming to Gokarna. Its significance is so high because of the legend associated with it. The temple is dedicated to Shiva and has what is called an atmalingam which is believed to be one of the most powerful lingams. Mirjan Fort: Located at 11 km from the city center, Mirjan Fort is known for its cultural glory. You will love the architecture and its cultural marvels here, this fort is picturesque in every possible way.

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