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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    On April 15, WWE released several people as part of budget cuts related to the coronavirus pandemic. One of those was Rusev.

    For the past five months, the former United States champion has been building his empire on Twitch using the name Miro. He even indicated he was retired from wrestling on a recent stream.

    Thankfully for fans, the 34-year-old has not retired and appears to have signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling after making his debut during Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite.

    While WWE has been letting people go, AEW has continued to bring in new faces such as Miro, Thunder Rosa, Tay Conti and others. The Bulgarian will be a great addition to the roster, especially since AEW is a little short on powerhouses. 

    Let’s look at some of the best ways AEW can book Miro in the immediate future. 

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    Miro was brought in during Kip Sabian’s best-man reveal but unlike Superbad, Miro did not appear to be acting like a heel. He was acting more like a babyface.

    If the plan is for these two wrestlers to form a tag team, The Beast from Bulgaria is going to need to do something to make sure the fans know he is the bad guy.

    Attacking someone smaller like Marko Stunt or Jungle Boy would be an easy way for him to get heat and establish himself as a villain who is not concerned with people chanting his name anymore.

    Sabian’s high-flying ability would complement Miro’s raw power and mat skills. AEW already has a stacked tag team division but adding another can’t hurt, especially if The Lucha Bros and the team of Kenny Omega and Adam Page are about to break up, which appears to be the case after this week’s show.

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    Mr. Brodie Lee won the TNT Championship from Cody on the August 13 episode of Dynamite and has appeared to be unstoppable in singles action ever since.

    Miro and Lee weren’t rivals in WWE, but they aren’t strangers, either. This would give AEW a chance to book their first feud as opponents without fans saying they are just copying what WWE did with them.

    The encounters these two men would have would be brutal. They are both known for their striking ability and their technical skills. They might be brawlers but they can take it down to the mat if needed.

    If AEW wanted to wait a little while before having him chase the World Championship, going after the TNT title would be a great way for Miro to dip his toe into the water and reacquaint himself with fans. 

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    The last storyline Miro had in WWE saw him and his wife, Lana, get a divorce in December 2019. The Ravishing Russian married Bobby Lashley, and the then-Rusev was released by the company four months later.

    Since AEW and Tony Khan love making jokes at WWE’s expense, it’s possible Sabian was selected to introduce Miro to the crowd for a specific reason.

    What if The Best Man stole Penelope Ford away from Superbad before their wedding? Better yet, what if it happened at the ceremony?

    Disastrous nuptials are a tradition in pro wrestling. Other than Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, few weddings inside the squared circle have ended without some kind of controversy.

    Some might see this storyline as being beneath someone like Miro, but we have to remember how good he was at the comedy stuff when he worked for WWE. He can be both funny and dominant if booked right. 

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    Miro’s first major storyline will tell us a lot about how AEW plans to book him. If Tony Khan and Co. want him to be a top star, chasing the world title right away would do the trick.

    Jon Moxley has a challenger in the form of Lance Archer, and whoever wins that showdown could find The Beast from Bulgaria waiting in the wings for the next shot.

    WWE never took Rusev seriously as a world title contender for some reason. Despite his size, popularity and physicality, he was always booked as an upper-midcard star at best.

    AEW has a chance to prove Miro is world title material by thrusting him into the main event scene right away. It might be unfair to those who have been working all year, but when it comes to television, the thing that will draw viewers trumps everything else.

    There are a lot of possibilities for how to book Miro moving forward. AEW just needs to figure out if he will be a heel or if capitalizing on his popularity as a babyface is more valuable.