Prepping up for a vacation might seem like decades when you are not able to zero in on a particular destination to rest your itchy feet. With a history dating back to ancient civilizations, cosmopolitan cities, and natural wonders to daunt over, both Central and South America have a lot to offer for the tourists. The dual continents are packed with jaw-dropping beaches, rainforests, Incan remains to a carnival extravaganza which is reason enough to lure travelers towards it. So if you are up for a trip to South and Central America, then the below list of places shall be stuffed carefully in your travel itinerary.

  1. Argentine Patagonia
    Among the list of exotic locales sprinkled around the South-America, Patagonia can be easily voted as the most beautiful place. Also, famous as the land of lore and legends, Patagonia is incredibly gorgeous and boasts of a diverse landscape. From chasing the glaciers at Los Glaciares Park to uncovering the end of the world at Ushuaia the Patagonian mission encompasses inimitable traits. Other than these travelers can also watch Whales at Puerto Madryn, live like a gaucho in Nibeko Aike Estancia, and go for lake hopping at Bariloche.
  2. Galapagos Islands
    A bucket-list destination for all intrepid travelers around the world Galapagos islands is a beauty par excellence. The archipelago is a world heritage site consists of about 19 islands that are scattered across the Pacific Ocean. Due to the lack of natural predators, the wildlife here is friendly as one can watch the sea-lions and tortoises from up and close. Travelers can vouch for activities such as diving, kayaking, surfing along with island hopping on a cruise to behold the varied landscape.
  3. Costa RicaCosta Rica is one such country in the Central American region which is known for all sorts of adventures and family-friendly activities. Strikingly inlaid with rainforests, river valleys, biodiversity hotspots, the country provides enough reasons for luring travel-hungry visitors to its core. Whether it is unveiling the rich and happening side of the capital San Jose, or cruising through the local cuisine, Costa Rica is full of hotspots to satisfy your inner wanderlust. And for all those who love adventure do travel to Arenal Volcano or Zip-line through the rain forests to get a close picture of the elegant destination.
  4. Easter Island
    For all those who love to revisit history, Easter Island is the picture-perfect destination. Best known for the 887 Moai Statues, these human shape figures are carved out of rock and give a feel of an ancient civilization. Apart from that one can also visit the Ana Kai Tangata Cave for its paintings, indulge in as horse-riding and scuba diving, or spend time on the Anakena beach while on the island.
  5. Cusco

    A unique blend of both Andean and Spanish culture dwells in the city of Cusco. Formerly known as the capital of the Incan Empire, the locale is home to cobblestone streets and terracotta roofs which gives a feel of old European towns. The architecture of the city gives a feeling of time warp as major Sac have remained untouched by modernization. While in Cusco start off from Plaza de Armas square and uncover churches, temples, museums, and Sacsayhuaman ruins for getting a glimpse into the bygone world.
  6. Belize
    Belize is home to some of the most stunning shorelines in Central America. Apart from the pearly beaches, one can also take part in activities like snorkeling and diving to kill time. The diverse beauty of the country presents a striking contrast with the Mayan ruins secluded in the Cayo district. The enchanting country is also home to a vibrant nightlife and rainforests that gives it a greater edge over its neighbors.
  7. Rio De Janeiro
    Rio De Janerio is one of the intoxicating cities in the country of Brazil. Boasting of a vivacious samba spirit, the city is known as “CidadeMaravilhosa” for a reason. With a magical ambiance, striking geography, and urban natural parks, the magical locale will make you feel rejuvenated in no time.

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