South Korea has become a hot choice for a wedding destination in recent years. Its vibrant culture, unique traditions, and magnificent views are enough to place it in the top list of wedding destinations. In short, it is an undisputed nature’s gift that can serve a perfect place for a wedding, leaving behind a plethora of memories and marvelous clicks.

Some of the astonishing wedding venues/types are compiled below-

  1. The Cherry Blossom Wedding

    If you are getting married in late March or early April and willing to tie the knot in South Korea, why not have a Cherry Blossom themed wedding? It would be one of its kind and truly memorable. Jinhae-gu is the best place in the country for cherry blossom lovers. You can see the whole river filled with Cherry Blossom and branches of trees dropping down gives you a heavenly feel and sets a perfect ambiance for a wedding. Gyeongju, Yeouido, Jeju, and Gangneung are also good alternatives available.
  2. The Island Wedding.
    There is this Jeju Island in Korea, its largest island, which remains the top destination for weddings among Koreans as well as the foreigners. The island features various resorts and hotels that offer an unparalleled ocean view and starred nights. The hospitality of the staff and management would take you over. This would truly be remarkable and memorable for guests and the newly wedded ones.
  3. The Adventure Wedding.
    This kind of wedding is also possible on Jeju Island, all it requires is getting a permit for the wedding group and the photographer. It’s best for those getting married between November and February. Along with unique wedding photographs, the group would be getting the opportunity to explore a national park, a few waterfalls, lava tubes, volcano craters, volcanic beaches, rocky cliff-lines, and hiking trails.
  4. The Beach Wedding.
    Since South Korea lies on a Peninsula, the country offers plenty of beach weddings. It lets the couple exchange their rings on the glittering white beaches and get the amazing clicks with the blue waters as an exotic background. The most eye-catching part is dawn and dusk when the sunrise and sunset views add stars to the occasion. Hence, sea view, sunset/sunrise, contemporary resorts, and a night under the stars altogether make it one of the best beach wedding destinations in the world.
  5. The Rooftop Wedding
    The country is filled with enormous numbers of skyscrapers and towering venues. Most of the options offer rooftop bars to let you party the whole night under the sky. Wines, champagne, and cocktails are there to serve you and your crazy gang. You can’t resist admiring the ravishing city’s night view.
  6. The Yacht/Cruise Wedding.
    Tying the love knot amidst waters on a cruise is everyone’s dream. Well, this dream comes true here in Korea. Go for a yacht or a cruise for a profligate wedding that remains in the talks of the people for years. Live your own ‘Titanic’ movie for a couple of days. Crewed MegaYacht charter in South Korea.
  7. The Garden Wedding.
    The country features various resorts and luxurious hotels with a garden that provides them ample space for guests indoor as well as outdoor, where reception can be held indoor and other ceremonies can be held outdoors. In fact, some of the places are with astounding exterior rendering everyone a dramatic backdrop for their pictures, and of course, for the bride and the groom too.
  8. The Church Wedding.
    If you are looking for a simple and budget-friendly yet exclusive wedding with serenity, go for a church wedding in Korea. This is the most commonly adopted wedding venue as everyone can’t spend thousands of dollars on a wedding. The price generally varies from church to church. Before finalizing the church, make sure it has ample of parking space so that it’s not bothersome for your local guests.

Doesn’t it excite you for getting married at this beautiful place?

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