Blizzard has announced that its digital BlizzCon replacement event will run from February 19–20, 2021.

“While circumstances are keeping us from gathering in person this year, we’re putting together a little something early next year to channel the spirit of BlizzCon into the form of an online show,” reads a post on the BlizzCon website. “We still have a lot of planning to do, and it’ll be some time before we’re ready to share more details—but we wanted to provide a heads-up on how you can be a part of the online fun.”

As Blizzard notes, they really don’t have many details to share regarding this event at this time (beyond its clever name, BlizzConline). The website currently focuses on the various community competitions and creative showcases that Blizzard will run as part of the celebrations. For instance, they share an online registration form and rules sheet for a Talent Spotlight competition, Cosplay Contest, and the annual March of the Murlocs. Of course, all of these entries will be submitted digitally.

So far as the actual games go, though, there’s really not much to go off of at this time. Blizzard says that they’re still trying to work out what they’re going to showcase during the event and the specifics of how everything is going to be presented, but it’s honestly difficult to imagine what will be featured during this show.