a group of people walking down a street: Bloggers Raise $40,000 to Help Former Disney Theme Park Employees Laid Off During Pandemic

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Bloggers Raise $40,000 to Help Former Disney Theme Park Employees Laid Off During Pandemic

After the news of Disney laying off thousands of its employees across their Central Florida and California theme park’s due to the coronavirus outbreak, Disney bloggers Sarah and Tom Bricker reached out online to raise over $40,000 for their local food bank.

According to their website DisneyTouristBlog.co, Sarah and Tom Bricker founded the site in 2011 and since then have posted informative tips and opinions about all things Disney to like-minded fans and tourists planning trips to Disney Parks.

When the blogger couple heard about Disney’s lay-off plans, they lost no time in starting a virtual fundraiser drive for Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. The food bank has been instrumental in feeding Florida residents affected by the pandemic.

The Central Florida couple donated $500 to the cause and have since reached out to their fanbase and netizens at large to donate generously. They prompted others to join them in ‘helping and giving back to those who made so much magic for us all over the years,’ as the Brickers added on their blog. The couple’s initial target was to raise $2,000, but they exceeded the figure quickly due to widespread donations.

The food bank has doubled its daily distribution relief efforts from 150,000 to 300,000 meals a day, according the Erika Spence, spokesperson of the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.

Spence while speaking to CNN said the Brickers started the fundraising page to support local tourism workers who were economically impacted by recent theme park layoffs.

They have raised $25,000 within 24 hours and as of Sunday morning the amount swelled to $37,000, Spence added. And by Sunday evening, the donation drive had reached over $40,000.

Sarah and Tom are overwhelmed with the outpouring love and generosity received so far. Speaking to CNN, the couple have specifically asked Second Harvest to earmark these funds for the employees of area theme parks and they didn’t; want to exclude anyone.