Gaborone — Members of the public with permits issued on September 25 have been allowed to proceed with their travel and return within the prescribed period of five days.

Updating the nation on September 25, Ministry of Health and Wellness permanent secretary, Mr Kabelo Ebineng said the ministry was concerned with protecting lives.

“The second issue is to contain the disease and this is consistent with what the state President stated earlier in the year. We also have empirical evidence that post the July holidays, we saw a surge of numbers in local transmissions and as such, we would not want to repeat that experience during the Independence holidays hence the reason we have put restrictions in place,” he stated.

Mr Ebineng said those who had pre-booked at local tourism destinations should proceed with their travel arrangements on condition that they had proof of booking confirmations.

Moreover, he said individuals who provided essential services, which were prescribed in the regulations might travel if they had been issued with inter-zonal permits.

Mr Ebineng said those who required travelling to attend funerals might do so provided they had been issued with inter-zonal permits.

“Those who do not fall into the categories mentioned above and require to travel for other essential reasons would be issued with permits on a case to case basis,” he explained.

Mr Ebineng further stated that individuals who had travelled across zones would be permitted to return if they had valid inter-zonal permits.

For his part, health services director, Dr Malaki Tshipayagae, said regulations had been put in place to restrict movements within zones to contain the COVID-19 virus.

“The Ministry of Health and Wellness apologises for the inconvenience caused and urges the Ppublic to unite in the fight against spread of the corona virus, to limit their movements and to adhere to all COVID-19 protocols,” he stated.

<i>Source : BOPA</i>