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BTS ARMY was waiting with bated breaths ever since it was announced that their idols were making their return to America’s Got Talent after two years since their Idol performance in 2018. Moreover, the septet was going to perform their latest hit Dynamite which has been setting several records in the US. The biggest one being Dynamite debuting at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 making BTS the first all-Korean group to achieve this milestone. Moreover, BTS stayed atop Hot 100 for two weeks and are currently at No. 2 in its third weeks.

Getting back to their AGT performance, as expected, BTS went above and beyond our imagination with another explosive performance of Dynamite. Set at a theme park, the members dance in front of a gas station, a drive-in restaurant, inside and on top of a vintage car and more while dressed in their impeccable 70’s style attires from Dynamite MV. Besides easter eggs like BTS ARMY logo popping up every now and then to subtle nods towards AGT’s stage set up, it was also Jungkook’s perm and Jimin’s twirling skills that had fans going gaga.

Check out BTS’ Dynamite performance on America’s Got Talent below:


No one can compare to BTS’ live performance skills! There, we said it!

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Meanwhile, BTS is currently gearing up for their next album, which is slated for a release in the fourth quarter of 2020. While Jin had earlier spoiled during an OT7 V Live session that the album could be dropping in October, many believe November 30 to be the exact release date, which was also hinted at in Dynamite’s MV.