Travel is for everyone, but there are some bucket list experiences best enjoyed in specific stages of life.

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Human life is in stages and different stages come with different experiences. Strength, emotions, health, and other things that concern human life vary with these different stages. This constant change is why one must enjoy every stage of life they are to the fullest because one will never get back that time. In the travel world, these different stages of human life can also be used to create a bucket list of ideas that will help one make the best use of their time.

The ideas below are not limited to certain stages of life. In other words, travelers can do whatever they like, as long as they’re in good enough health to do so.


Twenties – Tougher Adventures And General Exploration Of The World

The stage of life that spans from 20 to 29 years is the best part for many people. It is the time when they are most productive, strongest, more light-weighted, more passionate, and more vibrant.

A person’s twenties is the best time to engage in more vigorous activities some of which include the following:

  • Mountain Climbing: Travelers in their twenties will particularly love mountain climbing and it will be much easier due to their lighter weight, energy, and passion.
  • Longer Hikes: With more energy and freedom, a person’s twenties is a great time to take longer and more difficult hikes.
  • Skydiving: Anybody can engage in skydiving but young in their twenties will particularly love it as it is an exciting and thrilling way to begin a life of adventures.

  • Sports: There’s a reason why your twenties are the ideal period for sports. This is because of the strength and passion that accompanies that age. One can do sport for as long as they wish but a person’s twenties is the best time of their life to enjoy it.
  • Try Out Different Things: A person’s twenties is the time of their lives when they can do a lot of things without having to worry too much about how it might offend others. This is a great time to try out different kinds of lifestyles and experiment with different things and make many mistakes as this is the time to know which direction in life to take. Don’t be like those who regret not doing a lot of things in their twenties.
  • Sample A Wide Range Of Food: This is important because a time will come when one will not be able to eat what they wish to eat because of their health. So when in your twenties, sample some authentic Thai dishes, take a food tour in the US, and also experience a European food tour.

Other exciting things one should do in their twenties include running at some of the world’s best marathons and partying all night long. Above all, stop thinking about the future for a while and just enjoy your youthful age.

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Thirties – Travel For Knowledge, Honeymoon, And Some Tough Adventures

Thirties for many people is usually very busy as it is the time to work, raise a family, save, and accomplish many things. At this stage, strength and passion are still available which means one can still enjoy some rigorous outdoor adventures.

However, with people in their thirties starting to get more mature and responsible, and already involved in the running of society, this is a great time to seek knowledge, more life skills, invest, and also learn about history.

A person’s thirties is also a great time to start working out and paying more attention to their health as this is the stage of life when most people become obese and unhealthy.

Forties – Luxury Travel

Most people have more money in their 40s because they have had a lot of time to work and save money. With this advantage, those in this stage can treat themselves to some luxury.

Most individuals still have a lot of strength in their forties and this means they can still engage in some outdoor adventures they may not have experienced yet.

In summary, those in their forties should experience some luxury and also engage in some more outdoor adventures.

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Fifties And Above – Family

It is a sad thing to note but, indeed, the life expectancy of humans nowadays is between 70 and 80 years all over the world. This means at the age of 50, many people have probably spent more than 60% of the time they have on earth.

At this age, the body is already significantly weaker which means there are limits to what a person can do at this time. While one may not be able to go on with the rigorous outdoor adventures, this stage of life also comes with its exciting adventures.

Some travel experiences fit certain stages of life more than others but one does not have to wait to get to those stages to enjoy those things. Whatever stage one is at the moment is a great time to go do what one is passionate about.

Even though one has done something or visited a place previously, one can still visit again and have an enjoyable experience. Keeping these ideas in mind is a great way to get the best out of one’s limited time on earth.