This week’s Buzz Kids dives into local art-related activities that you can work into your learn-from-home curriculum — or save for after-school enrichment and fun. At a time when hands-on programs at museums aren’t available during pandemic precautions, virtual offerings are creative alternatives.

The Fralin Museum of Art offers a variety of guided art activities. Head to The Fralin’s website at, go to Guided Activities and follow the link to the entire YouTube playlist.

Current selections include “Mindful Art with Laura Lee Gulledge,” “Art Making with Ms. Aimee: Abstract Autobiographies,” “Art with Ms. Aimee: Pastel Dreamscapes,” “Art with Ms. Aimee: Watercolor Shapes,” “Art with Ms. Riley: Mixed-Media Shapes,” “Art with Ms. Aimee: Blind Contour Drawing” and “Art with Ms. Riley: Floating Shapes.”

Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection at the University of Virginia has designed Kiki’s Kangaroo Kit for 6- and 7-year-olds, but its activities can engage older and younger children, too.

The kit, which is named for Kluge-Ruhe’s red kangaroo mascot, offers five activities — Kiki the Kangaroo Looks at Art, Kiki Goes on a Scavenger Hunt, Kiki Gets Some Exercise, Kiki Plays Pretend and Kiki Tells a Story.