Calexico Recreation Department debuts virtual programs

Calexico Recreation Department staff were able to develop a series of virtual programs that are aimed at keeping residents engaged and active while the library and Community Center remain closed amid the pandemic. COURTESY PHOTO

CALEXICO โ€” The city of Calexicoโ€™s Recreation Department is set to debut a number of virtual programs starting this week that are aimed at keeping children and adults engaged and active.

The virtual programs will be held on Zoom and the departmentโ€™s Facebook page, located by searching for Calexico Recreation, and represent a mixture of previously available and new recreational programs.

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Calexico Recreation Department debuts virtual programs

Calexico Recreation Department sports coordinator Jamie Ann Chew will lead a series of online sketching classes this fall as part of the department’s fall programming. COURTESY PHOTO

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Calexico Recreation Department debuts virtual programs

Avid cook Luis Brown will lead a series of online cooking demonstration classes this fall as part of the Calexico Recreation Department’s fall programming. COURTESY PHOTO

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