Thailand has been removed from the UK’s quarantine list, and granted an air bridge.

This means from 4am on Saturday 19 September, anyone entering the UK from Thailand will not have to self-isolate for 14 days.

The move comes after the south-east Asian country largely eradicated coronavirus from society.

However, while this may seem like good news for UK holidaymakers, Thailand has strict restrictions of its own.

What is the UK travel advice for Thailand?

Thailand is now exempt from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice against all but essential international travel.

And their air bridge means anyone arriving in the UK from Thailand after 4am on 19 September will not have to quarantine.

However, the FCO does advise against travel to areas within the provinces on the Thailand-Malaysia border, due to ongoing violence. These include:

  • Pattani
  • Yala
  • Narathiwat
  • Southern Songkhla province. This does not include areas north of and including the A43 road between Hat Yai and Sakom, and areas north-west of and including the train line which runs between Hat Yai and Pedang Besar
The Buddhist temple Wat Samphran in Nakhon Pathom (Photo: Getty)

Can I go on holiday to Thailand?

Thailand has very strict entry requirements due to the pandemic. You are only allowed to enter the country if you fit one of the following groups:

  • Anyone with a Thai Certificate of Residence and valid re-entry permit
  • People on a diplomatic or consular mission
  • If you have been exempted by the Prime Minister or Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Pilots and crew members with a fixed travel schedule
  • Carriers of necessary cargoes
  • If you are the spouse, child or parent of a Thai national
  • If you are seeking medical treatment in Thailand (except treatment for Covid-19), or are caring for someone seeking medical treatment in Thailand
  • International students
  • The parents/guardians of international students

If you hold a Foreigners work permit (WP3) and/or BOI certificate you should contact your local Royal Thai Embassy or consulate for a permit to travel to Thailand.

Anyone entering must have a medical certificate indicating that they have tested negative for coronavirus within 72 hours before their flight’s departure.

Everyone who enters must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

What is the coronavirus situation in Thailand?

Thailand has largely eradicated the virus. New cases have been in the single figures – or at zero – since mid-August.

The country has seen around 3,500 cases since the start of the pandemic, with 58 deaths.

Most public places and services are now open with social distancing measures in place.

Some entertainment venues such as pubs and clubs are still temporarily closed or operating with restrictions.