4.0 OkaySep 21 2020

Pros: Staff hates their jobs, are not friendly.

2.0 MediocreSep 18 2020

Pros: Very unhelpful staffCons: Staff that cared to assist me from out of state.

2.0 MediocreSep 15 2020

Pros: NothingCons: The rental agent at the airport was abrupt and ruder. He refused to answer my son’s questions. The car we received had two major dents, one above the front passenger wheel well and the other on the driver side roof support. The agent who gave us the keys to the car yelled at me when I asked if we could get another car without dents. She said that was the only car they had at that price level. I said I was not Asking for a free upgrade, just wanted a car without major dents to go to the wedding she came for. Several times she walked away from me refusing to communicate further. She told me I had to understand that Fox was a lower price rental company and therefore I have to accept what they offer me, even with dents. We ended up taking the dented car anyway, as we had no choice. When I returned the car the initial receipt emailed to me said: “Miles driven: 1,115” where I actually drove only 65 miles total. In sum: 1) Poor service. 2) Rude personnel. 3) Damaged car. 4) Erroneous mileage all make for a poor customer experience. I will likely choose another vendor next time. And about Kayak: The c ar insurance I was sold was through Allianz Insurance company. I got this insurance for peace of mind. But – Fox car rental told me the insurance was not thorough Fox, so if damage to the car were to occur, I would have to pay Fox for there damage and then settle with Allianz. This was not explained to me when I purchased that insurance. If I had known that, I would have declined the Allianz insurance and rely on my own, m private car insurance instead.

4.0 OkaySep 12 2020

Cons: Should have never let that particular car leave the location. Car is in horrible shape. Time to retire that one

2.0 MediocreSep 7 2020

Cons: Waited over 40 min in line at the counter and over 1hr to get a car assigned, no car was available for my reservation along with about 6 other people waiting for people to bring back cars and waiting for them to be cleaned. They offered a mini van to every person waiting at a 20% discount however nothing was offered for the over an hour wait. Once a car was given I had to inspect the car on my own. I understand that it’s not major rental company but the lack of professionalism and no apologies for the delay that caused my delay to a business meeting.

2.0 MediocreSep 2 2020

Cons: they didn’t let me pick up the car with an international drivers license, and wouldn’t take my expired CA license after I showed them that I extended it. horrible service. Hertz nearby accepted my international license.

6.0 GoodAug 27 2020

Pros: Drop off was easy.Cons: I set up a 5:00 P.M. pick up for a Jeep Wrangler. I show up at 5:15 after getting out of baggage claim and didn’t get to leave the air port until 6:45. Now, the order form did say Jeep Wrangler or similar but I don’t consider a Mitsubishi mom van to be that. When I did finally get the Jeep, it was musty. So much so that my nephew with breathing issues could not comfortably ride in the vehicle for long periods of time without feeling sick. I’ve rented many vehicles before this one, this was the first time I have been told not to take my rental through a toll road because the vehicle was considered commercial vehicle and every time I used a toll road I would be sent a bill for 15 dollars on top of rental fees. First and last time I’ll be renting from Fox.

10.0 ExcellentAug 24 2020

Pros: Car was great and service was goodCons: Quicker check in

8.0 ExcellentAug 21 2020

Pros: Staff when I picked up car.Cons: As always…price. But price wasn’t bad. Also, perhaps some way to navigate back to the rental place at the airport. You know, within the airport can be tricky.

2.0 MediocreAug 13 2020

Pros: I got a funny story about the worst rental car experience I’ve ever had to tell my friends.Cons: It would have been pretty cool if they had the car I reserved so that I could drive instead of taking Uber’s all around Austin. It would also have been pretty cool if they would have refunded the money I used to book my reservation. Bottomline – don’t book with them.