2.0 MediocreSep 15 2020

Pros: I’ve rented cars all over the world. This, by far, was the worst pick up experience ever. The shuttle to the counter took forever. No indication that we needed to take the Hertz shuttle. Had to wait for over an hour to get to the counterperson who was fairly rude. One hour!!! They knew that they were going to be busy because we all had reservations. Incidentally, my relatives who landed about the same time were in and out of Enterprise in less than 15 minutes. Thrifty drop off was OK but again, the shuttle took a while to take us back to the terminal. Bottom line? Thrifty may have good prices, but I’ll probably never rent from them again based on this horrendous experience.Cons: Staff up when you know you’re going to be busy,

6.0 GoodAug 30 2020

Cons: Organization at the car rental was not good. The counter guy we had was not nice or helpful, really. It was glaringly obvious how uninterested the counter agent was in helping me due to his coworker next to him being so friendly and helping before being asked. This was my first time renting a car outside of Zipcqr and having to deal with the counter agent at Hertz / Thrifty was enough for me to not deal with them again.

10.0 ExcellentJul 30 2020

Pros: Victor was very nice and friendly helping me get the car!

6.0 GoodJul 15 2020

Cons: Stop the extra 20 minutes of unsuccessfully “upselling” while others are waiting.

6.0 GoodJul 10 2020

Pros: The car itself was clean and new and didn’t smell.Cons: Checkin and dropoff were through Hertz, but no one said that. They just assumed i knew to get on the Hertz bus for checkin. When dropping off, there is a big Thrifty sign but they blocked off the entrance with no instructions to drop off at Hertz. Luckily i remembered that i had picked it up at Hertz. The car was also damaged but there was no walk around and no form for me to fill out. When i noticed the damage later i tried to call customer service but couldn’t get to anyone.

4.0 OkayJun 29 2020

Pros: The gal that helped me initially was very nice and helpful. Cons: We waited about 40 minutes for the shuttle to pick us up at the airport to take us to rental office. I tried calling to let someone know we were waiting but there was no direct number to the office. I called the customer service line which was an 800 number and the only one I found listed. No one could help me. When I went to drop the car off on my way out of Denver the office was closed. It was 7:45 am. I had no one to leave the car with and no shuttle to get from the rental lot to the airport terminal. I again tried to get someone on the phone to tell me what to do with the car. I literally had to leave it on the side of the road with the keys in it because the thrifty lot had vans parked in the driveway so I couldn’t get the car through. I travel a lot and this was the most stressful and unorganized car rental I’ve ever dealt with. Never again!

4.0 OkayJun 27 2020

Pros: Vehicle was fine and performed well.Cons: Staff the checkout counter. Waited in line over 90 minutes while only one person worked at the counter. At least 25 people in line the entire time, with more arriving all the time. Some just gave up and went to other companies.

10.0 ExcellentJun 2 2020

Pros: Everyone was helpful and service was expedient.Cons: Sirius radio didn’t work for a few hours and only after 2 phone calls, but I understand this is a glitch out of the rental company’s control.

6.0 GoodMay 10 2020

Pros: The car was clean and nice. Pick up was a little weird, but understandably so with COVID closures. The Hertz ladies that helped me with pick up were very efficient and kind.Cons: When I dropped the car off the lot was completely closed and there were no instructions for what I should do with the car. I ended up parking it in a neighboring lot and with the suggestion of someone at the Enterprise counter, deposited my keys in the Hertz overnight drop box. It was frustrating that I had no direction from Thrifty – even when I called their customer service number it was closed with no additional contact availability after hours. An email or text with directions on how to return the car would have made everything much better. I would not be inclined to rent from Thrifty again.

4.8 OkayMar 2 2020

Pros: Easy pick up and drop off. Car worked well.Cons: I extended the rental twice. The agents on the phone could not communicate well about this, and sent me no record of the terms of the extensions. Then the final bill seems to have been at least $20 more than the agents had orally said it would be (but hard to know, as there was no one at drop off capable of explaining it to me).