MuscoVision 2

Carlisle High School has installed a new MuscoVision camera, an automated sports broadcasting platform, at Ken Millen Stadium.

A newly installed system at the Carlisle High School football stadium will enable viewers to watch future sports events remotely in real-time on a computer or mobile device anywhere in the country.

“We are still working through the logistics on when the system will be available for viewing,” said Christina Spielbauer, superintendent of the Carlisle Area School District.

Earlier this year, the district hired Musco Sports Lighting of Iowa to upgrade the stadium with LED lighting. During that summer project, company representatives approached the district with an offer to make the stadium a pilot program site to showcase the MuscoVision system, district director of facilities Tom Horton said.

The offer involved a 50% discount on the costs to mount a camera and other equipment on the stadium press box, he said. The installation cost the district about $5,000.

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“When there is a game out on the field, you can watch it remotely,” Horton said. “It’s just a nice convenient way if you can’t make it to the game or in times like this when you can’t come to the game anyway.” Horton was referring to stadium capacity restrictions that are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Policies and procedures still need to be developed before the MuscoVision system could be made available for use by the public, Horton said. He mentioned the possibility of viewers buying tickets or season passes to access the broadcasts. Horton also suggested that similar MuscoVision systems could be installed at the district baseball and softball fields so that games at multiple venues could be watched remotely.