HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – College students across the country are experiencing an unusual year. Some students are working from home while some are still on campuses. Some students say it’s been stressful dealing with the changes.

Luke Forbes is in his last semester at James Madison University, studying philosophy and political science. He returned home after on-campus students were asked to leave and has stayed there ever since.

“If there’s anything that really didn’t help to put me in a good head space at the start of this semester it was having to move twice in less than two weeks,” Forbes said.

Forbes said while moving around has been stressful he has had more time for activities he didn’t before, which is good and has made space in his house that is solely for work to try to differentiate between “work space” and “sleep space.”

Michael Buncher is a sophomore at James Madison University studying marketing who was granted an exemption to stay on campus.

He said he tries to relieve stress at the gym, but it’s hard to focus on schoolwork sometimes while also worrying about getting sick. He adds being in his room a good part of the day is hard too. But said in the end, he is trying to be positive.

“I think the one thing that is kind of getting me through this is that this will end eventually. This is not just something that is going to keep going on for like the rest of our lives,” Buncher said.

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