With the population of Coralville on the rise, it’s no surprise there has been a boost in new businesses.  

The Iowa River Landing is a retail experience off of 1st Avenue. Right now, there are 60 storefronts but developers hope to expand those options further, aiming for 100.  

Director of Real Estate and Leasing for Iowa River Landing, Deanna Trumbell, says they put a lot of thought into what community members want to see.  

“I think what we’ve done and spend a lot of time doing is thinking, ‘what does the area need and want in terms of retail and services?’ And so what we’ve really focused on is trying to bring something in that’s unique and different,” Trumbell explained.  

With the opening of Xtream Arena across the street, it has helped attract more growth in terms of business. 

“With the arena opening up, we’ll be adding more retail and residential areas,” said Trumbell.  

Trumbell explained that the way they attract new business is through social media and word of mouth. But one thing that has really worked to their advantage is the surrounding hotels. 

“We have a lot of people who stay at our hotels that maybe own a business or are apart of a company that are calling and requesting to look at locations in the Iowa River Landing so its really is expanding its reach,” said Trumbell.  

With the expansion in businesses in the area, there are also stores that are redeveloping.  For example, the ALDI in Coralville has recently completed a remodel to give shoppers a new experience.  

“The store opened in 2015, so it’s only five years old. But we already decided we didn’t have enough room for all the amazing products. So we blew out the back wall, added about 1,500 square feet and added a whole bunch of new products,” said ALDI Dwight Division Vice President, Heather Moore.

The remodel was the last of 6 in Eastern Iowa for ALDI.  Moore said the remodel kept the shoppers in the center of the remodel.  

“We have created an amazing following of customers, so we want to continue to stay fresh and stay updated with the products customers want,” said Moore.  

Moore says that the customers have enjoyed the new shopping experience and has made the process of grocery shopping easier.  

“Now when customers come in here, not only can we fit more products in, it’s an easier shopping experience.  The wide aisles, the better lighting. It’s been nothing but great reviews,” said Moore.  

The overall growth in businesses will also boost jobs and hopefully pull people from outside of the area to see what Coralville has to offer.