The Department of Health has undertaken a public health risk assessment of Covid-19 and New Zealand, which indicated that New Zealand posed a low risk of Covid-19 transmission to Australia.

The Australian government will provide increased Australian border force at airports to support the establishment of green lanes, and we will have the ADF helping as required, as need be, of travel for New Zealanders and collecting information to assist with contact tracing as required.

The establishment of quarantine-free travel to Australia from New Zealand will free up space, and this is a really important point for around an additional 325 passengers a week to enter quarantine in Sydney, so that by freeing up those 325 places, that means that more Australians from more destinations overseas can indeed then fill that 325 vacancies, so this trans-Tasman bubble means that there are going to be more places open for more Australians to come home from abroad.

Importantly, safe travel of New Zealanders to Australia will enable space in the quarantine system to be freed up for Australians returning, as I say, from other countries. If Queensland were to agree to this definition, around an additional 250 quarantine places could be freed up allowing Australians from other world locations to arrive in Brisbane along with uncapped flights from New Zealand.