Indeed. Weather is always challenging. That’s why there are grants there to not just put up … to try and support the most robust outside structures that meet the rules in terms of air flow and are still outdoors.

It’s not building structures that are essentially indoors, look, we’re looking at all of the different options available to us based on the principles I mentioned before.

… The middle of the following week will mark two weeks if I’ve got my dates right and that’s when we’ll start.

A week from today will be essentially two weeks since the third step was taken in regional Victoria.

And we’re closely monitoring what the virus is doing, testing, all of those sorts of things.

As soon as we can take further steps that are safe, we’ll do that. That’s not just in regional Victoria. That’s guiding us in metropolitan Melbourne as well.

You do get to the point where the numbers could tell you it’s safe to go faster than we had planned and that was made clear in that road map but not enough time has passed for you to have that underlying confidence that we’re not missing something. That’s the passage-of-time issue I’ve talked about a few times.

Of course, it goes back to the central point that the facts are, logic tells you that not everybody who has system tomorrows gets tested.

There will be more out there than the case numbers I’ll report every day. Question is are they a good proxy for what’s out there?

At this stage, we believe they are, but we’d always reserve the right to have further days pass before making decisions. Once the decision is made – as to the question before about superspreaders, you know, one person and the issue of chance, so one person who happened to find themselves and spend time in some unfortunate locations where they were mingling and mixing with quite a lot of people, otherwise known as the place being opened up, that’s when you can have not one to 30, but five or six become 300 or 400.

That’s the really challenging part about it. So within all of that, we look each day at the data and take whatever steps we can when we can do that safely. On Sunday we’ll be able to account for some of those and it’s a continuous process.