Autumn is just around the corner, and that means pumpkin spice lattes, cinnamon, apple cider, and more. It also means that the holidays follow soon after. And now you can buy a special Costco Wine Advent Calendar to get in the spirit!

The set includes 24 half bottles of various types of wine from all over the world and sells for $99.99, according to the Instagram account @costcobuys. Yep, enjoy Pino Noir from Moldova, Macabeo from Spain, French Sauvignon Blanc, Sicilian Merlot, and many more. (Related: 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply.)

The bottles correspond to a certain day of the Advent season. This year it starts on November 29 and leads up to Christmas Eve on December 24. Head to the website and click the corresponding day to learn about the region the wine is from, its aromas and flavors, as well as the color personality, and more.

The account posted photos of the set from a Costco location in Paradise Valley, Arizona. One commenter says they were able to pick up one in Wayne, New Jersey, though. The posts’ caption says the Costco Wine Advent Calendar is available every year, so it’s safe to say its a hot commodity.

Another winter-related food made its way to Costco shelves recently, too. Costco is now selling the Starbucks holiday coffee blend in stores and online. But, you may believe it’s too early in the year to think about the holiday season yet. If so, Costco is also the place to get an assortment of fall-themed goodies, too — like the beloved pumpkin pie. It is back and only $5.99.

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