A Liverpool couple are set to lose hundreds of pounds by sticking to the new lockdown advice on non-essential travel.

Barbara Louis, from Dovecot, was due to fly from Liverpool to Belfast on Friday but will no longer travel due to the government’s new advice.

However she claims that Travel Republic, who she booked the package with, are refusing a refund or for her to move the holiday, as the flight is still going ahead.

The 52-year-old booked the package ‘pre-covid’ in January to celebrate her friend’s 50th birthday, now she risks losing around £300.

She told the ECHO: “I’ve been told because it’s not law and the flight is still going ahead they can’t give me a refund or change my flight.

“It doesn’t make sense to me. You want to do the best thing by taking the advice, so we won’t be travelling on Friday.”

She added: “So essentially, Travel Republic is telling me to ignore the government and travel or lose your money.”

Barbara, who works for the NHS, says she understands that businesses are struggling and is willing to settle for moving the holiday, rather than getting a refund.

A spokesperson for Travel Republic said: “We’re sorry to hear that your reader has been affected by the Government’s new system of tiers.

“While we are happy to help them try to reschedule, as there is not an official travel ban in effect and the holiday can still go ahead as purchased, then our standard terms and conditions will apply should they decide to cancel.

“They may also wish to contact their travel insurance provider to see if their policy covers this eventuality.”