A retired Army master sergeant and first segeant, Raul Jimenez Jr., has written his first book about his experiences in the Army in West Germany during the Cold War. He co-authored it with his wife Micaela Jimenez, who goes by the pen name Marie Bravo.

“Cold World War,” recently published by Newman Springs Publishing, is a nonfiction, semi-biographical book about “Sergeant Bravo,” a pen name for Jimenez.

In the book, “Sergeant Bravo” was a Vietnam War veteran who re-enlisted to serve in West Germany during the Cold War. Since many of his fellow soldiers were not combat veterans, he had a hard time adjusting and found himself in trouble many times, according to a news release for the book.

The release said that “Sergeant Bravo” was a Mexican-American who faced racial discrimination akin to that of African-Americans at the time. The predjudicial attitudes continued in West Germany from fellow soldiers.

The book details how “Sergeant Bravo” overcame the barriers.

“It’s written like I’m talking,” Jimenez said Wednesday.

Jimenez said he wrote the book while he was in the hospital for several months. He would speak what he wanted to say, and his grandson would type his words onto his computer.

Jimenez and his wife have lived in Copperas Cove since 1989.

“Cold World War” is available for purchase at bookstores, or at online retailers, such as the Apple iBook Store, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.