CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ill. (WTHI) – The Crawford county clerk’s office is a busy place these days. Election workers are working 12-hour shifts. All to make sure your vote is counted.

Crawford county clerk Fayrene Wright says, “It’s a good problem you know this is why we hold an election. We want everybody that is eligible obviously to cast their ballot.”

In the first four days of early voting, more than 200 people placed their ballots. There were 70 people just on the first day. That turnout is being seen with mail-in ballots as well.

Wright explains, “We’ve mailed out about 1,500 vote by mail applications on Thursday and already have almost 200 of those back as well. People are hand carrying them in, we’ve got them through the mail, we were also able to install a dropbox in the office this year that comes straight into the election office.”

The clerk’s office is taking time to check each individual mail-in ballot that comes in.

Wright says, “When we get the initial application in, we compare that signature on the application to the original voter registration. As much as the judges do, the election judges do at the polling place. If the signatures match then we go ahead and process that ballot.”

When the ballot comes in the signature is checked one more time. Every single vote checked by hand. Making sure that no matter if you’re voting by mail, early, or at the polls, the vote is counted securely and safely.

Wright says, “You know three opportunities and three ways to vote. Just pick one the suites you best and vote.”