INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Capacity for the Colts’ second home game against the Jets has tripled, owner Jim Irsay confirmed the team will allow 7,500 fans at the game on Sept. 27.

This Sunday the team will play its first home game against the Minnesota Vikings with only 2,500 fans. Stadium staff has been working around the clock to make sure the experience is as safe and fun as possible.

Before fans even get to the stadium, they are supposed to visit and read through the “know before you go” section, that way there are no surprises on game day.

Once they get to the stadium, even in the parking lot or around the outside of the building, masks must be worn. Upon entry, staff members will take each person’s temperature and ask them to complete a COVID-19 screening.

Cots vice president of marketing for Stephanie Pemberton said all of the added signs and markers throughout the stadium should help fans remember the rules, but in case they don’t there will be people around to help.

“We”ll be reminding folks to wear their masks, and social distancing and checking tickets to make sure they’re in the right seats. so we’re definitely adding staffing and resources in those areas so one, we’re making sure if people do have questions we’re there to answer and two, we’re making sure we have the proper enforcement of those policies in place.”

Most common areas will be closed to avoid groups congregating. Only 15 vendors will be open and all food and drink will be pre-packaged, along with silverware and condiments.

All tickets will be mobile and no cash will be accepted anywhere in the stadium.

Tickets for the next Colts home game on Sept. 27 go on sale Friday morning at 10 a.m.