InfoQ Live, the interactive virtual event designed for the modern software practitioner, returns on Sept 23rd with a new topic focus: delivering technology by software engineering leadership and by empowering teams. Join world-class practitioners such as Sarah Wells, John Willis (@botchagalupe), Holly Cummins, and Sarah Shewell and deep-dive into best practices for leading tech projects, analyzing team data dynamics, and leading teams in uncertain times.

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Session Spotlight

Leading Technical Projects – and How to Get Them Done, a talk by Sarah Wells, technical director for operations and reliability @FT (Financial Times)

If you’re trying to migrate everyone in your team to a new version of your API or move them from one platform to another, or even get them to add security scanning for all of the 1000+ microservices, your problem is at least as much about communication and influence as it is about technology. So how do you do it?

  • You make sure you are completely clear on what you are doing and why – and the impact and cost of any delays.
  • You communicate in every way possible until you feel like a broken record.
  • And you put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Here, you can learn from behavioral economics (nudge theory) to increase your chances of getting things done quickly and as painlessly as possible.

My teams build tools that are used by lots of our development teams: we face these challenges all the time. We’ve tried lots of things and I’ll tell you about the ones that work for us! – Sarah Wells, technical director for operations and reliability @FT (Financial Times)

Co-located free events: InfoQ Roundtables (sponsored)

Learn and ask your own questions in a live panel discussion between software practitioners.

Production Readiness: Building Resilient Systems, a roundtable sponsored by Launch Darkly

Deploying a system to production can be a pivotal moment for the success or failure of any project, but there are tried-and-tested steps that can be taken to mitigate risk. Join us in this roundtable to discuss the impact of exposing an application to end-user requests, scaling to meet demand, and handling real customer data. Topics include release processes, testing in production, feature flagging, and curating service level objectives (SLOs) for availability and latency testing. The roundtable starts at 12 PM EDT on Sept 23rd.

Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring Senior Developer Talent, a roundtable sponsored by Karat^

In this roundtable, engineering leaders from large enterprises share their best practices for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the teams that will propel their growth and take their company to the next level. Key topics include building and living up to your engineering brand, inclusive interviewing best practices and how to implement them, and Identifying hiring signals for senior talent. The roundtable starts at 1 PM EDT on Sept 23rd.

Attend from 9 AM EDT / 3 PM CEST to 1.30 PM on Sept 23rd and leave with peer-validated ideas that you can implement right away in your team and organization.

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