The Gorillaz are set to perform their first live concert since 2018 with ‘Song Machine Live’ in December. Before the concert kicks off, we are feeling the full effect of Gorillaz fever and want to share some of the best songs by the iconic British virtual band to whet your appetite. Check out our Destination Jam playlist with five of the best Gorillaz songs below.

‘Feel Good Inc’

Who can forget this infectious Gorrilaz track? The catchy thump and snap of the bass and snare on drums paired with an ultra-funky bassline in ‘Feel Good Inc’ are just a few of the elements that show the band’s ability to hit the right notes for audiences. The track truly understands what it means to be groovy and is all the more heightened by the dreamy vocal style and De La Soul’s rapping. Their most popular song to date, ‘Feel Good Inc’ peaked in the top 10 in 17 countries on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching No 1 in Spain and Greece. It has been certified platinum in Australia and double-platinum in the United Kingdom.


‘Clint Eastwood’

Speaking of infectious music, before ‘Feel Good Inc’ was this Gorillaz classic. ‘Clint Eastwood’ would see the band skyrocket to fame after its release in 2001. Notably, it was their very first single off their self-titled debut album and it saw massive success. Along with a sound that dips into a haunted, darker tone, seeing a band in the form of animated aliases performing to the sounds of hip-hop was enchanting and distorting at the same time. The song is a wicked mix of electronic music, dub, hip-hop and rock. Its verses are sung by Del the Funky Homosapien, portrayed as a blue phantom in the video, while the chorus is sung by Damon Albarn (the character 2-D in the video).


‘Do Ya Thing’

The uptempo ‘Do Ya Thing’ was commissioned by Converse as a part of their “Three Artistes. One Song” project where three artistes collaborate on a track. The song features Albarn playing guitar, James Murphy playing bass guitar and André 3000 rapping with a drum machine in the background. Albarn starts the song rapping in his “2-D voice”, ad-libbed. Murphy then sings the chorus in falsetto with an organ playing in the background. Two minutes into the song, André 3000 starts rapping around the title line “Do ya damn thang.” ‘Do Ya Thing’ hits harder than a lot of Gorillaz songs and gets its place on our list as a perfect example of the band’s ability to collaborate magnificently with other artistes.

Watch the music video for ‘Do Ya Thing’ here.

‘Strange Timez’ Robert Smith AURORA Remix

We couldn’t let you go without listening to a track from their ‘Song Machine’ series. The Cure’s Robert Smith joins the band on the latest ‘Song Machine’ iteration and we can’t stop listening to the AURORA remix. This version curiously mixes the sounds of black-and-white sci-fi films and cyberpunk. This version is a bizarre ode to both retro and futuristic and one of the best interpretations of remixing music we have heard.


‘Aries’ ft Peter Hook & Georgia

We hit you with a slower number to end our playlist and one of the band’s best chill tracks. ‘Aries’ features Joy Division and New Order co-founder Peter Hook and singer-songwriter and producer Georgia. To hear Gorillaz blended with the sounds of new wave music is a welcome surprise. ‘Aries’ also features on ‘Song Machine’ and released in April this year. Watch the official music video below.


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