Blackpink is set to drop their highly-anticipated full-length debut ‘The Album’ on Friday, October 2, but before its release, let’s check out some of the best songs the group has made so far. Check out our top five picks by the mega k-pop girl band below.

‘Kill This Love’

There is a certain resounding energy that comes with Blackpink’s music and with ‘Kill This Love’, the group has amplified it. With a music video currently having over 1 billion views on YouTube and music that screams large-and-in-charge, it is easy to see why the South Korean girl group has caught the attention of audiences across the globe. ‘Kill This Love’ opens with blaring horn and marital instruments, followed by a stomping beat as the girls anthem their freedom from a toxic relationship. ‘Kill This Love’, which featured as the lead single for the group’s second Korean-language EP of the same name, saw the group amassing a list of commercial success, impacting the charts in 27 countries.


‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’

Blackpink’s music video for ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’ oozes charisma and bad b***h empowerment. With a crisp trap beat, twirling synth, breathy breaks and hard-hitting rap, this track is jam-packed with creativity and club-ready sounds. Another success on Youtube to surpass the 1 billion view milestone, the ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’ visual became the most viewed online video and second most-watched music video of all time within 24 hours, at the time of its release.


‘Playing With Fire’

You’ve heard the expression “playing with fire” before, and Blackpink’s 2016 hit single likens it to getting involved in a questionable relationship. With lyrics like “Is this medicine or poison?” or “Kiss him, will I diss him? I don’t know, but I miss him” Blackpink back-and-forth the risks of falling in love while letting out passionate feelings of being engulfed in attraction. Such confusion can be intoxicating itself, but Blackpink make their intentions clear in the chorus: “My love is on fire (Ooh) So don’t play with me, boy. Playing with fire.”



We couldn’t share a Blackpink playlist without including the track that saw the group stepping into the musical arena as a formidable K-pop group. Their debut single ‘Boombayah’ released in August 2016 and was met with quick public and critical acclaim. ‘Boombayah’ skyrocketed to No. 1 on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart in the first week of sales and entered at No. 7 in South Korea with 88,215 downloads sold and 1,866,737 streams.


‘As If It’s Your Last’

This spicy track kicks off with tones of reggae and moombahton in an uptempo pace and then blends into the sounds of ’90s dance-pop. ‘As If It’s Your Last’ is vibrant, full of fun and feel-good buoyancy, and the perfect Blackpink track to lift your spirits. Watch the official music video below.



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