Twice are getting ready for the release of their highly-anticipated Korean-language album ‘Eyes Wide Open’, due out on October 26. We know you are as pumped as we are, but before treating our ears to the new era of Twice, let’s get warmed up with some of the best music from the beloved K-pop girl group. Check out our top five Twice songs on today’s Destination Jam playlist below. 


We can’t forget the lead single off their very first album ‘Twicetagram’. If you haven’t been acquainted with Twice before, just hit play on the below music video for ‘Likey’ and you will see why the world has fallen for the girl’s vibrancy, infectious smiles, and feel-good take on bubblegum pop. The music video was entirely filmed in Vancouver, Canada, and set a new record of the fastest K-pop girl group music video to reach 100 million views on YouTube within 33 days.



‘What Is Love?’

‘What Is Love?’ released in 2018 as the group’s fifth EP of the same name. Over bright melodies and an uptempo beat dipped in sounds of trap, the song captures the innocence of a young woman discovering the feelings of love for the first time. According to the group’s label JYP Entertainment, the song is about “the love girls would dream about or imagine after learning about it through books, movies or dramas.”


‘More & More’

With an intro coated in tropical sounds and enticing vocal crooning by the girls, ‘More & More’ unravels layers of several styles of music including an EDM-heavy and synth-pop instrumental chorus and a dubstep-influenced dance-break section at its bridge. At its core, the track remains calming while it also feels like a brisk breeze of summer antheming.




In ‘Fancy’ the group awakens their inner femininity and seductive prowess. The official visual showcases Twice members in fashionable looks surrounded by vivid backdrops switching between bold black numbers and colorful “Fancy” attire.

The video itself also alternates between feelings of luxuriousness and playfulness while the group shows off powerful choreography. The same day of its premiere, the ‘Fancy’ video became the seventh-biggest debut on YouTube, garnering over 42.1 million views within one day alone. Furthermore, it was ranked third place in 2019 on YouTube’s Most Popular Music Video in South Korea.



We’ve hit October and thought it best to close off a Twice playlist with the Halloween-inspired hit ‘TT’. The title “TT” refers to the emoticon used to express crying or sadness.

Like an epic mix of fantasy and horror, the music video sees Twice members donning several outfits that resemble famous characters through cosplays. Jeongyeon portrays Pinocchio while Momo is Tinker Bell; Dahyun is a white rabbit and Sana portrays Hit-Girl of the ‘Kick-A**’ comic series; Chaeyoung is The Little Mermaid; Nayeon is a cute devil; Mina performs as a female pirate giving off ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ vibes.

Tzuyu and Jihyo have contrasting concepts; Tzuyu is a mysterious vampire in a black see-through dress while Jihyo is a mix of Elsa from Frozen and the White Queen from Alice Through the Looking Glass, wearing a long white dress.



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