GREENVILLE CO., S.C. (WSPA) – There’s no argument that 2020 has been one very stressful. Now, add in the stress of schools back in session. The weekend vacations are possibly needed more. But, sometimes these stress can’t be fixed with simple R&R, there are few spots with creative de-stressing options.

In Taylors Mill, the Mad Smash Rage Room has been letting visitors take out their frustrations by breaking, throwing, or creating things since October of 2019.

Owner Jennifer Middleton, is also a veteran massage therapist, explained that 2020 has caused more stress than a good massage might not be able to fix.

“I wanted to give people another opportunity. A way to physically release the feelings they were having and just, you know, be able to walk away a little bit lighter,” Middleton said.

Although the sound of breaking glass would cause panic, at the rage room it’s a completely different reaction.

“The exploding of the glass is really satisfactory to a lot of people,” Middleton explained.

All visitors are encouraged to wear closed toed shoes, long sleeves and jeans. Middleton has sanitized gloves, helmets, face guards, hammers, mallets, and bats to destroy a variety of objects.

The list of smash-able items that customers can bring or purchase at the room is almost endless. A favorite smash-able item is the car room with the mini-van.

“That takes out a lot of energy. People are really surprised at how tired they are after five minutes of smashing the car,” Middleton said.

She added that any products brought from home need to be cleaned out so as not to cause an unintentional mess. Packages for bringing in items run $15 dollars for anything that fits in at 15 X 15 size box.

“That printer that you hate or the old laptop that’s like 1990’s slow. You can bring those in and smash away,” Middleton said.

There’s also a Splatter Painting room, where customers can take paint and paintbrushes and fling, throw, smash paint onto a 8 x 10 white canvas.

Plus, a Slingshot Game, where participants can compete against each other or just try and break their own score of destroying glass bottles with metal balls.

“A lot of people don’t even have the opportunity to use sling shots these days. I have kids that come in and they’ve never even used a slingshot,” Middleton exclaimed.

She noted that there are many times her customers come in not just to release pent up anger, there’s also stress, anxiety, or just the wish to have some creative fun.

“They’ve experienced a loss, whether it be a family member, or a pregnancy,” Middleton said. “Then sometimes people just come in for team building, or a birthday party, because they want to have a girls’ night and it’s just fun.”

The age limit for breaking things is at least eight years old, with adult supervision present.

For those looking for nondestructive fun, there’s also air hockey, fooseball and pool tables. Middleton added that Taylors Mill is a hidden gem, a secret that needs to be let out the bag.

“It’s really a fun place to come have a night out. Go to the restaurant, The Farehouse and have some dinner. Go to the 13 Stripes and have a drink at the brewery and you know, explore a new area. This place is hugely historic,” Middleton said.

Once you’ve destroyed to your heart’s content and are emotionally satisfied, but now, are physically drained, head to a Frigid Cryotherapy Recovery & Wellness Spa in Greenville.

Twin sister and co-owners, Cecily Bridges and Courtney Neel, started on Frigid spa four years ago, the second location opened less than a year ago.

The pair said anyone with an ache or pain can get treatment.

Customers ages 14 years old and up can hop in the Cryochamber for a three minute session to ease tense muscles.

Bridges added that Cryotherapy can also help alleviate mental and emotional pains.

“I suffer with anxiety, really really bad. I get really stressed out, and if I hop in the Cryospa, it’s gone. It’s crazy,” Bridges said.

There are also isolated cryotherapies for beauty treatments and target areas: CryoFACIAL, LOCALcryo, and CRYO T-SHOCK.

“It’s for people with arthritis, fibromialgia, migraines, and things like that. It does help people who work out, who recover faster. So they can work out even harder the next day. It also, another thing it helps, if you have surgery, it helps you recover two times faster,” Bridges said.

There are also light therapies for the entire body or just the face: Celluma Light Therapy. Bridges explained that the light therapies can help with everything from anti-ageing to seasonal depression.

Customers can also get compression therapy: NormaTec. While resting in a dimly lit area, spaced the appropriate six feet apart, compression sleeves are put on either the legs, arms, or waist and the pressure does the rest.

“Just seeing how cryotherapy and all of our services help people, it just means a lot to us,” Bridges.

Therefore, those looking to breakdown lactic acid, knotted muscles, or mounting stress, or just break bottles, it’s all about building up emotional and mental strength.

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